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This is a keeper. The muffins were so tasty and easy to do. I love the blend of the flavors of lemon and poppy seeds.

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Shar-on April 16, 2004

I used almond milk and whole wheat flour, and I only had plain yogurt on hand- so i added half a lemon's worth of juice and a little honey. Also, splenda instead of sugar. I used a mini muffin tray and filled them right up to the top so they overflowed to create the must-have muffin-top. They were excellent!

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MsAnalogkid April 14, 2010

These are excellent as written. Someone mentioned rubbery but that is possible if substitutes are made. Unfortunately did not have lemon yoghurt but used plain natural yoghurt. The lemon rind gave lots of flavor. Topped them with frozen lemonade while they were still very hot. Thanks for submitting.

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waynejohn1234 September 03, 2009

Definitely tasty and fun to make! I did make a few changes, taking ideas from a few other recipes: 2 T oil + 2 T applesauce; 1 C whole wheat + 3/4 C all-purpose flours, as well as just under 1/4 C wheat germ that I added to help boost protein and fiber as well as offset the fresh lemon juice I added (might as well use the whole lemon, instead of just the rind!); and about 1 1/2 t lemon extract. The batter had an interesting, almost rubbery texture, but the muffins came out fine. I didn't know how much they would rise, so filled the tins about 3/4 full and ended up with 12 regular muffins + 1 jumboish muffin (baked in a custard cup). I felt they were just missing something, though, so I think next time (and there will be a next time!) I will use 2 T butter instead of oil, and maybe add a bit of vanilla. Oh and I also did not use the glaze, but sprinkled sugar on top of the jumboish muffin and that was quite tasty.

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qotw13 January 16, 2009
Lemon Poppy Muffins