Lemon Pineapple Crock Pot Chicken

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Total Time
4hrs 15mins
15 mins
4 hrs

This is my modification of Leanne Ely's "Lemon Pineapple Baked Chicken" (see www.savingdinner.com)

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  1. Separate pineapple chunks from juice-- place chunks in refrigerator to be served as a side dish with the meal.
  2. Combine pineapple juice, garlic, cornstarch, Worcestershire, mustard, thyme (or rosemary), salt, pepper, and lemon juice; set aside.
  3. Place peeled, cubed sweet potatoes in bottom of crock pot, and lay chicken breasts on top.
  4. Pour juice mixture over chicken and potatoes.
  5. Cover and cook 4 hours on High, or 8 hours on Low (assuming chicken is frozen); reduce cooking time if chicken is thawed.
  6. Remove chicken and sweet potatoes from juices, and place in separate serving dishes; keep warm.
  7. Thicken juices on stove top using cornstarch to make a gravy.
  8. (Don't forget to put the chilled pineapple chunks on the table!).
  9. SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve with brown rice and steamed broccoli.
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It was just ok.

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I thought this was bland. I'm not sure what you would have to add for more flavor. I wouldn't make it again

4 5

I loved the ease of this recipe. Very yummy, and my daughter, the picky one, finished off her plate. My family struggled with the sweet potato (although I loved it). I think next time I might try 2 large potatoes, to accomodate my familys taste. Thanks for the recipe. This is going in my file.