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This turned out outrageously beautiful & delicious too! Made for 2 lemon-lovers' birthdays. The cake is dense - next time I'll be using buttermilk in stead of regular to see if that gives it a bit more lift - but the taste is great! Lemony perfection in cake encased in the creamiest, dreamiest lemon mousse you have ever tried. Technique works exactly as described. The final inversion reveals a lacy candied lemon top that rivaled any high end bakery. Did I mention how good the mousse is? The cake, though dense provides a nice pop of lemon from the syrup drenching & also provides internal structure to maintain cake integrity. Great cake! Thank you Carrie Ann - this is going into our keeper file! A big birthday hit! Thank you!

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Buster's friend October 11, 2009

This was a delicious lemon dessert! It was time consuming, however, as mentioned in other reviews, it was very well worth it. I tested it out on my husband, he thought the cake was a little dry, although, I did not use the entire 3/4 cup of syrup to brush the cake with. Next time I will be sure to use all of the syrup. This reminded me of a dessert cake that you would find in Europe--something that is not overly sweet. The tang from the lemons is superb! The mousse was sooo good! I will make this again.

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susanmpete April 11, 2010

Rating the mousse only: This is an excellent lemon mouse, not too tart or sour IMO, just right! I made it to use on a different cake. This would be great all by itself in a pretty dessert glass with a dollop of whipped cream. Thanks for posting!

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour December 31, 2012

I made Lemon Mouse Cake last year for my mom birthday. it took me for 2 days to make it but it's worthy. my mom love it and say it was absolutely delicious. My dad was absolutely exhilarate for cake. This year, I plan making again for mom birthday. Thank for begin share this recipe.

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cassiedeaf20 November 17, 2012

Instead of making the cake, I used lady fingers. I just lined the sides of the spring form pan with ladyfingers soaked with the syrup (You can also skip the syrup portion and use lemoncello if you are in a time crunch). You can choose to put the ladyfingers as a middle section but I omit the layer. Beautiful and light...great after a heavy dinner. Else, mousse light and fluffy

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kujonana April 20, 2011

Absolutely delicious and decadent. While a bit time consuming, it's not labor intensive. It's just gorgeous when all assembled. The only thing I wish is that the cake itself was more light and fluffy rather than dense like a lemon pound cake. But, it still gets 5 stars.

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Oonarker May 02, 2009
Lemon Mousse Cake