Total Time
4hrs 15mins
Prep 4 hrs
Cook 15 mins

A wonderful slightly sweet, slightly tangy chicken dish. Great for a salad,sandwich or over hot sticky rice.


  1. Place chicken in a shallow glass dish.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients, pour over chicken Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight.
  3. Drain and disgard marinade.
  4. Grill chicken over medium-hot heat, turning once until juices run clear, about 12- 15 minutes.
Most Helpful

Brilliant! My husband and I loved this! I kept the chicken in marinade overnight. We use a charcoal grill and sometimes it is hard to overcome the charcoal taste. This marinade is potent enough to give a good flavor and still compliment the charcoal taste. Thanks!

starsugarb September 09, 2003

This was just okay. I can see where this would be good on a sandwich, where you can dress it up a bit. On its own, it just didn't have enough flavour. The lemon and lime tastes don't come through. I marinated 24 hours. Goes well with Lorac's Lemon Parsley Rice and some sliced red peppers on the side. Thanks for the post.

lucy k. March 11, 2004