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This cake is delicious and impressive! I had a bit of a time cutting the layers because the cake was so spongey, the knife I used to score the edge wanted to push through it rather than cut through it. I made the curd on day 1 (and then trasnferred the required 2 cups to my 2 cup measure), the cake on day 2 and then assembled on day 3 (presentation day!). The only changes I made were using 1 x 475gm tub of mascarpone plus 1 x 250gm block of regular cream cheese (our mascarpone in Canada comes in tubs, not 8oz containers) and instead of piping, which I find tedious, I decorated the cake with strawberries from my garden. I covered the entire top with whole berries, tips pointing up, and then I cut the biggest berries in half lengthwise and stood them up around the base of the cake. Also, there's a typing error for the syrup. It should read brush 1/4 cup on each layer, not 1/2 cup. To do this accurately, I poured the cooled syrup (which was exactly one cup) into my 1 cup measure so I knew when to stop brushing (when the liquid got to the 1/4 mark). Needless to say, with this cake, I continue my reign as dessert maker extraodinaire! Thanks for posting this one, spatchcock! M&Mers

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M&Mers June 15, 2008

Not sure what I did wrong but trying to assemble this was just a sloppy disgusting mess. Layers sliding and lemon curd oozing out. I'm trying to put the whole thing in the fridge to see if I can rescue it from looking like a 4 year old made it. Edit: I managed to rescue this by scraping, chilling, shifting etc etc. In the end it was delicious but very messy. The frosting ended up extra liquidy since I scraped it and a bunch of oozing lemon curd out. Maybe next time I will make sure everything is very well chilled and chill the whole thing until solid/hard between adding layers?

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MDMama September 14, 2009

My son made this & it was easier than it looked & it tasted amazing! Not too sweet or sour. It got rave reviews. We did use jarred lemon curd due to time restraints, but I am sure it yielded the same end results. Definitely a go-to recipe for all lemon cake lovers.

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deborahcattell March 02, 2014

This is a wonderful cake, with a beautiful presentation. I really, really enjoyed the icing...I could eat it by itself as a dip for vanilla wafers..mmm. Next time I would pair the ingredients with a denser cake (personal preference); maybe almond flavored and use less lemon curd.

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Cook4_6 March 14, 2010

Very good. The only difference is that I bought lemon curd, everything else I followed the directions.

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Cul_de_sac_Barbie March 14, 2010

I didn't make this myself but enjoyed the cake at my friend's birthday party - gorgeous, gorgeous cake! The sweetness is beautifully balanced by the lemon and the mascarpone cheese; I'm definitely adding this recipe to my collection! Much thanks to spatchcock for sharing the recipe and to my friend Ms H. for making it!

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stormylee May 03, 2009

Oh......my.......GOD! This cake is so good. It is totally worht the effort. I made it for a baby shower and it got the whole party enthralled! MAKE THIS CAKE!

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Beautiful Disgrace February 12, 2008

This was an outstanding recipe that everyone who ate it loved. One thing to watch for; don't overbake the cake, 11-12 minutes would have been fine in my oven.

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Fiddler April 30, 2007

I have had this exact recipe for several years. It is one of my mom's favorite birthday treats. I usually make a raspberry sauce to serve with it. It's delicious, and looks almost too pretty to eat.

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Lightly Toasted August 14, 2004

I just finished making the lemon curd in your recipe. I have a glut of lemons. (I'm in California). The recipe was easy, I added some lemon zest just because I have it. I also used a revereware double boiler that I got at a yard sale for a dollar. Works fine. Yum Bubbasmom

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BubbasMom Wetmore January 30, 2004
Lemon Layer Cake With Lemon Curd and Mascarpone