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The flavour of these cookies is outstanding (even the raw dough is yummy); unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble with the preparation. I made up this dough just before Christmas, but ran out of time to have them baked in time for the big day. No worries, I thought, as the dough can be frozen for up to a month. But when I tried to slice the frozen dough just recently (after letting it sit at room temp for the 10 minutes) to have them prepared for New Years Eve, I had major crumbling. It was impossible to slice them at a 1/4-inch thickness (every slice crumbled); I had to slice them at 1/2-inch, and I still lost about one slice to crumbling for every slice that cut clean. I ended up with only about 20 cookies, which I baked longer (17 minutes) due to their thickness. The good news: the taste is just wonderful! The icing and the pistachios add a nice touch and extra flavour, but I like these plain too! Except for the difficulty with cutting the frozen logs, I found these cookies easy to make and I really like the texture of the cornmeal in the cookies. I will make these again, but I don't think I will let the raw dough stay in the freezer!

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Lennie January 01, 2003
Lemon Icebox Cookies