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Winner! This combined 3 of my childhood favorites: pecans, ice cream and lemon curd, and it delivered a perfect slightly tart lemon cheesecake-style taste. I did the "prettier pie" version in a 9.5" pie plate, and quantities were perfect. To save calories (ahem), I dispensed with the least caloric ingredient: the whipped topping; I didn't want to obscure the taste of my lemon confection. The pecan crust was easy and was a nice counterpoint to the ice cream/lemon curd; besides, when some of it crumbled during serving, those pieces can be sprinkled on top of the pie. I was glad I had a fitted double-boiler; that made it so easy to maintain the simmer and whisk away in the top. But I need to get a really fast instant-read food thermometer, because it was a little tricky to wait for my thermometer to read the temperature while I continued to whisk. I used Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean ice cream - Philadelphia-style ice cream that doesn't need additional egg because their PA cows yield such rich milk. The recipe shows total time as 40 minutes, but that is misleading, as there is a 4-hour chilling time for the lemon curd; plus after each layer, I put the pie back in the freezer for 30 minutes before the next layer; and the final 2 hours of freezing. For entertaining for the calorie-conscious, I might make this in a mini-cupcake pan or a rectangular casserole and put all of the crust on the bottom, then cutting into bite-size pieces; it could be kept cold by placing frozen chiller blocks on the bottom of a 13x9 pan, then placing a tray on top, on which the bite-size squares could be stacked. (I could always fit cheesecake into my WW diet.) Thank you for sharing, Diner! Made for Please Review by Recipe tag game.

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KateL August 06, 2012

O Yummm, what a wonderful treat on a hot summer day! (97 here yesterday) I LOVE the "press- on" type of pie crusts (usually I don't mess those up) and the directions were perfect! I did the "prettier pie" version with the layers. There are only 2 of us, so I gave half to the neighbors and they loved it, as we did too! Thanks for posting, diner.

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Scoutie July 09, 2010

This is really good! The pecan crust is good by itself (as crumbs from the pan) and the filling is good by itself, tart and creamy at once; but a bite with all layers is a special treat! Made for PRMR.

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Lavender Lynn August 28, 2009

OMG!!!!! This is absolutely fabulous. The lemon curd was perfect. I did us low fat frozen Yogurt for the ice cream to save a few calories. The pecan crust was the perfect selection for this pie. I layered half the lemon curd over the first layer of ice cream and the other half on top of the second layer and that really worked well as I'm sure one layer in the middle would have. (But I miss read the recipe so my version) Anyway, it was just perfect for these hot summer days. Thanks for sharing :) Made for WTTM

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~Nimz~ July 26, 2009
Lemon Ice Cream Pie With Pecan Crust