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Excellent!!! Another winner Amanda I made as is except for browning the meat first for colour and adding 4 bacon rashers and also thickened with gravy granules instead of cornstarch. As I did not want to serve this with pasta, rice or potato. I added extra veg being carrot, pumpkin, parsnip and snow peas. I did add more cream and half cup of water as with the extra veg I needed more liquid. I will say the flavour was very good without gravy, up until I had to add extra liquid to cook the veg which was not the original intention of this dish. It was gorgeous my hubby must have had three helpings and just kept saying remove the bowl or I will eat it all. He even went for the bread to mop up the rest of the sauce. A fantastic recipe and a huge thumbs up one of the nicest stews we have enjoyed in a long while.

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The Flying Chef November 20, 2008

Great recipe with a few modifications. Browned the veal in a saute pan before adding to the crock pot. Added wine and chicken broth to pan to deglaze and added more leeks to the crock pot. Cut the recipe in half (1 1/2 lbs. of veal) and found that recipe only took 5.5 or 6 hours to cook. Removed from the pot and put in small Creuset pan and added sauteed mushroom halves, 1/4 cup heavy cream, and more chicken stock with chopped parsley. Simmered for 15 minutes. Very tasty and user friendly.

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Jeanine Marcucci April 07, 2008

wow. this is fabulous and not to be missed. Please dont let my pic turn you off it. Its like a blanquette but done in the crockpot and that just isn't colorful unless you are a good photographer. Great to be able to use heavy cream in a dish but still low fat.

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MarraMamba October 31, 2007
Lemon Herb Veal Stew (Crock Pot)