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A terrible recipe -- it yields an inedible dish, without a doubt the worst thing that we've made in the last 5 years. From its lack of attention to detail (is the garlic minced and added to the sauce, or merely placed in the sauce whole for flavoring then removed?) to ill-considered choices in the name of being low-fat (such as removing altogether the cream that gives body and richness to the sauce of the fuller-fat version of this dish -- see 221280), the recipe is a disaster. You would be better off enjoying plain pasta with a side of arugula and sliced tomatoes than ruining those ingredients by combining them in this way.

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Chef JannaLeigh September 07, 2010

This dish was not typically something I would try. I'm very glad I did! Light and refreshing. I was not able to use whole wheat pasta and I had citrus olive oil. I decreased the salt in the sauce to a "pinch" and it was good. I was not able to simmer for 15 minutes--closer to 10 as the sauce became quite thick. (probably due to my very old gas stove). Overall--Delicious and satisfying and I'm so glad that it was submitted. I will make this again and again I am sure!

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Barbara in southern Brasil January 07, 2010
Lemon Fusilli With Arugula