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Mmmmm! I followed the directions exactly except for cutting the recipe to 1/4 to fit for one can of salmon. I`ve had that can in my cupboard it seems like forever so I had all the other ingredients and decided to try it. With the first bite I knew that I was going to write a five star review for you. Its going into my do again "Favorites" cookbook, thanks so much for posting.

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RECIPE ADDICT September 15, 2009

Cut recipe down to 1/4. Added onions; used lime instead of lemon and added more as lime is milder; used panko instead of crumbs; added some Miracle Whip to moisten and baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes and flipped and baked another 10. Pretty good stuff and smelled great. Added more dillweed as well and a great idea not usually seen in salmon pancakes! Thanks for a great starter recipe. The oatmeal made it feel healthy, but not sure what effect it had on the outcome.

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mapaklenk July 14, 2008

These are really, REALLY good! I only made two rather minor "matter of taste" changes. I cut the recipe down to 1/4 the recipe, because I wanted to experiment with a few things before freezing a huge batch. I added about 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes to the recipe, and about 2 Tsp. finely chopped onion. I fried three of them last night, and tossed one UN-COOKED into the freezer. I ate one of the fried patties last night as dinner with sides of buttered broccoli and corn....Delicious dinner! I put one of the remaining two fried patties into the freezer, the other in the refridge. The refridgerator one I took out and MW'd today and had it as a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Another great meal. I am going to "experiement" with the two frozen patties. The fried one, I am going to try quickly re-frying after a week in the freezer. The "un-cooked" one, I'll take out of the freezer, thaw and fry it, too. I just couldn't resist frying, eating fresh, frying eating warmed in the MW, and freezing another un-cooked, the other cooked. Can't wait to see how the un-cooked one turns out after a week in the freezer. I'll edit later with the results. Thanks for a healthy, great, easy, and economical meal idea!

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DEEP June 14, 2008
Lemon-Dill Salmon Patties -- OAMC