Total Time
Prep 14 mins
Cook 0 mins

This looks like a refreshing dip to brighten your days! In this recipe we’re cooking with lemon cucumbers. This dip really highlights how refreshing these cucumbers are on a hot summers day. I found this healthy recipe on the Care2 website @


  1. Shred cucumber, skin and all. This is a really great way to use the whole vegetable. In this case, you’ll get a lot of juice and I highly recommend drinking it!
  2. Sprinkle the shredded cucumber with a little salt and drain in a colander for about one to three hours in the refrigerator.
  3. Crush 3 cloves of garlic.
  4. Finely chop about 2 tablespoons of fresh dill.
  5. Mix cucumber, garlic and dill with about 8 ounces of yogurt and add salt and pepper to taste. You may want to chill it for just a little bit before you serve it but that’s not necessary.
  6. Serve with french bread or even crackers!