Lemon Crumble Squares

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Total Time
10 mins
15 mins

This recipe was a family secret up until I decided it had to be shared. I love these lemon squares so much and my friends are always bugging me to bring them to parties.

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  1. Combine butter, coconut, sugar, flour until mixture is crumbled.
  2. Press half of the crumble in a long ungreased pan (9x13-inch).
  3. Prepare lemon pie filling as directed on box then pour over the pressed crumble.
  4. Add the remaining crumble over the lemon filling.
  5. Put in oven at 325F for a few minutes until the top of the squares are golden brown.
  6. (about 10-15 minutes) Take out and let cool in refrigerator.
  7. Cut into squares and serve.