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I can't say how close to Olive Garden's version this cake is, but it's definitely a very tasty cake! I overmixed the crumb topping a bit, so it became kind of doughy, but it still tasted good. Loved the tang from the lemon juice drizzle on the cake layers, too. I baked mine in an 8" springform pan, so I ended up with a nice tall cake. It slices up very pretty, too, especially if you keep it chilled. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Fall 2012

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Muffin Goddess November 14, 2012

I just made this cake. I baked the layers yesterday (double recipe), froze them and then finished today. One thing to note, prepare the filling and crumb topping in advance and keep them chilled. It is very important to keep everything chilled and work fast. Again, being double recipe (4 layers) it took longer than a single layer would take but in that quick amount of time the filling warmed and it begin sloughing off once I got to the top and sides. A quick trip to the fridge helped but just keep in mind that the filling is not real "stable". I hope it's ok by tomorrows presentation for my granddaughters birthday. The bits I tasted here and there are phenomenal, however!! It may not be the most gorgeous cake I ever made but it tasted amazing!!

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kdtay February 01, 2014

AWESOME RECIPE!!! I wanted to make a special dessert for the staff at work as we had an all-day meeting, and this went over wonderfully! Of the 15 people, 3 asked for the recipe, and one said that she didn't want the recipe, she just wanted me to make it for her whenever she asked!!!<br/>I am a tad bit obsessive/compulsive, so I bought two boxes of cake mix and made sure that I was using 18.25 oz. <br/>I used foil-backed parchment paper in an Airbake 9x13 cake pan. I sliced the cake in half and then froze it for two days. As I was preparing the crumb topping, I wondered if I could have just used some of my extra cake mix instead of the flour and powdered sugar. I think I will try that next time.

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MaryBethN May 08, 2013

5 stars for the impressive presentation! I don't have a springform pan so I used 2 round cake pans, and did not frost the sides of the cake. I really didn't enjoy the raw flour/ butter topping. Not sure if I will make it again. UPDATE: I decided to try it again, and lightly baking the crumb topping this time, and am happy to say that I was more pleased with the results! It stuck together a little so after it cooled somewhat I used a pastry blender to break it up. With cake mixes getting smaller and smaller, this time I used 1 1/2 boxes and whole eggs (instead of whites only) and baked in a tube pan then split into 2 layers after removing the dome. I also added a little True Lemon to the filling to bump up the lemon flavor. This one was a hit!! Sharing an updated photo.

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MSippigirl April 10, 2016

I don't know how it compares in taste to the Olive Garden cake, but this one is definitely a keeper. It is comparable to something one might find in a good Italian bakery. It has a nice lemony flavor with no lemon over kill.

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Robert K. October 10, 2015

I am in the middle of making this dessert and I am uncertain about where the last amount of lemon juice is supposed to go? It appears that lemon juice is supposed to be added into 4 different sections of the directions, but only 3 seperate amounts of lemon juice are entered in the ingredients list. Am I missing something?

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Half a cook December 20, 2014
Lemon Cream Cake (Olive Garden)