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Simply delicious! I made these for my cookie baskets and they were a huge hit. I had been waiting to figure out what to do with these little tart pans that I picked up at a dollar store and this was a perfect opportunity. The dough was simple to make and formed easily in to the pans. I did press the dough a little too high in the first batch...do know that the dough expands unlike some pastry shells. The dough is delicate tasting but not delicate to handle..mine slipped out of the tins with little breakage. I think it tastes like a sugar cookie...a GOOD sugar cookie which I think is rare. I will be using the dough recipe for other things in the future. I usually use a recipe just like this for the curd so I know this is good but I admit my impatience got the best of me this time and I boiled the first batch and ruined it. I found a recipe that makes it a little easier and used that and the results were wonderful.One hint if you are dusting with powdered sugar....do this before piping in the curd so it doesn't ruin the smooth surface of the curd. Thanks so much for this great dessert!

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Glimmer January 25, 2011

These were excellent! I loved the taste of the pastry and had no problems with crumbling or getting them out of the pan. I used Pan Release, Professional Pan Coating by Kittencalskitchen on this site (works better than Pam). I had another advantage which was a Pastry Shaper, a wooden device shaped like a mini muffin on one end so all I had to do was put a round ball of dough in each mini muffin tin and press the pastry shaper into the dough to make perfectly shaped tarts. I did not need to use the condensed milk and I completely forgot about the icing sugar in the end.

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musicallife March 31, 2013

Very good recipe! I use different filling but the pastry turned out exactly as described! 5 stars!!!

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ComicTragedy July 27, 2010

Beyond amazing!! I made these for the guys at work (car dealership) and they were ALL gone in 15 minutes!! Total keeper! Filled with Lemon Curd (Stove Top or Microwave Method) Lime or Orange Curd. **Edit** Made again with lemon, lime and orange curd with fantastic results...same curd recipe as before. Thank you!!

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RaeMay February 20, 2009

These were awesome, just as I expected they would be...I must say that despite using *TONS* of pam these suckers really wanted to stay in my non-stick pans and that proved to be frusterating. I am giving them a 4* rating because I found them time consuming to make...that could be partially because the recipe says it makes 30, so when I doubled it I was expecting to get 5 dz, not 8! It took me the better part of 2 hours just to form, bake, cool and try to remove from pans. On a positive note, I found that I had equally good results by plopping tbsp's of dough into muffin pan, baking for 9 min and then using my tsp to shape as I did by shaping before baking and then re-shaping part way through baking!

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Chef summerlover January 25, 2008

Easy to make & the taste is awesome! I used a wooden tamper for shaping the cups before baking it made the job very easy. After baking I dusted them with powder sugar then filled them with lemon pie filling. Everyone raved about them .<br/>I have to print about a dozen recipes.

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herbsnflowers April 13, 2014

This recipe tastes fantastic but my cups were very greasy. I followed the directions exactly. I made twenty four mini tarts which cracked like crazy but filled them with a mixture of guava jam and cream cheese. My guests thought they were delicious. The rest of the dough produced a wonderfully crisp cookie which spread a lot. I will try these again with a different brand of butter because the taste is so yummy!

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TLu June 06, 2013

Overall a absolute success anytime they are served. However, the outer edges crumble easily and diminish the 'wow' of presentation. At least they taste amazing. I resorted to using my thumb to shape the divots because the spoon wasn't working out. Lemon curd can be found at some Lowe's foods in the jelly aisle if you don't want to make your own.

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Mme_petite_fille December 19, 2011

YAAAAAAAM!!!! those lemon cookie tarts are delicious wit a cup of tea ... people kept asking about the recipe :D

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Moon$h!ne September 05, 2008
Lemon Cookie Tarts