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These truffles are AWESOME! The lemon mixture was quite tacky and hard to actually roll into balls, but I fixed this by keeping a small bowl of powdered sugar nearby and dipping my fingers in it to keep the mixture from sticking to my fingers. I portioned the lemon mixture out into small amounts, froze it for about 5-10 minutes, then pulled it out and reshaped it into a ball, rolled it in the melted vanilla almond bark, then rolled in the coconut. I tried it without the coconut at first, but the almond bark and lemon were so sweet. They really need the coconut to balance out the flavor. These truffles are SO good. I cannot wait to make more for friends through the holidays!

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maalemenow October 22, 2010

These were sooo easy. The only problem I had is the mixture didn’t set well, it was pretty much sticky the whole time I was working with it, even after sitting for 3 ½ hours. I would have let it sit longer but I was in a hurry to finish up. I ended up throwing away about a cup of the mixture because there was no way I could have worked with it. I am not a big white chocolate fan so I didn’t enjoy these, however everyone who had them loved them. The flavors are right on, very sweet with the white chocolate but the lemon and coconut go together well. Do not skip on the toasting of the coconut, that was my favorite part!

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Candace Michelle January 15, 2009
Lemon-Coconut White Chocolate Truffles