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This was a very good cake for Passover. My husband loved it with the strawberry sauce. I couldn't find pineapple preserves so I used crushed pineapple instead. I used a tube pan and my cake also collapsed a little on one side. I wonder if this is just due to it being a Passover cake. My aunt made an angel food cake this year and it also collapsed on a side. I also had a problem removing the cake from the bottom cake ring part of the tube pan. I left the pan ungreased as the recipe said and I also had a nonstick pan. This was the first time I used a tube pan so maybe I did something wrong. I didn't know which was supposed to be the top of the cake, so I flipped it and had the bottom be the top though some of the bottom had scraped off on the pan. It still looked better than the collapsing side. I will make this cake again next year since so many people enjoyed it.

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aviva April 26, 2005

This was great for Passover - easy and fast. We served it with strawberries and everyone loved it. I would just cut the added sugar by half so it is not quite so sweet - especially if serving with fruit and/or whipped cream. the texture was special - a combination of angel food cake and the chiffon. The cake served ten easily.

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LSinemus April 25, 2005

Ok.. I had some doubts about this cake- it kinda ended up looking like a regular old Passover angel food cake or sponge cake and it had sunken in the middle (probably my fault). Boy, was I wrong! To cover the sunken middle I decided not to make the strawberry sauce but instead spooned in some whipped cream and topped with fresh cut strawberries. The cake itself tasted like some sort of lemon cheesecake! It was very creamy and light and just delicious. Everyone loved it and I think it will be a Passover regular. Thanks Ducky!

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Miraklegirl April 08, 2004
Lemon Chiffon Cake with Strawberry Sauce