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These were the perfect appetizers last night. I did use a combo of thighs and breasts. We also used some of it as a dipping sauce too. One of the best recipes that I have tried. The sauce was FANTASTIC!!! Glad I picked this and will repeat. Made for Spring 2010 Pick a chef.

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weekend cooker April 19, 2010

What a nice recipe, to say that my DH liked this is an understatement he just loved it. I made the marinade as directed and the addition of the sesame oil came through quite strong but not overly so,for the coating I couldn't get panko, so I used a french loaf just discarded the crusts and it worked fine,the lemon sauce was wonderful I chose to serve it in a dish on the side as I felt you could add more if you liked it or not if you didn't.I am pleased to say we liked it. we had it with french fries and salad, but it's a very versatile recipe you can serve lots of ways, it would also be nice in a sesame bun with salad and sauce on top. A very nice recipe indeed well written, and very easy to follow, and put together. This is in my top three. thank you for a wonderful recipe it will be made many times in our house. Made for RSC#15

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Tea Jenny March 06, 2010

Made this for the RSC #15 Contest. Nice flavor. I did use both thighs and breasts. The thighs were excellent, I just was using up 2 breasts as well. I tried 1/2 the recipe as written, the other half I did not put the chicken in the sauce but used it as a dipping sauce. I preferred it as a dipping sauce. The nice crunchy crust got soggy when in the sauce, and I preferred to dip which was very good. My friend who tried it on the other hand preferred it in the sauce. It does work well with both breasts and thighs, but thighs ... by nature are a bit sweeter and more moist. I served the original version where the chicken was coated with the sauce over wild rice with the chives. And even though I preferred to dip mine, over the wild rice was very good. I added some lemon zest and scallion to the rice and garnished with a lemon slice to intensify all the lemon ingredients. Fresh green beans was a side dish. So whether it is a side dish, appetizer or main dish, it can be served different ways and it was very nice. Thx for sharing. Kim

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SarasotaCook March 06, 2010

Giving this creation 5 stars is an understatement. This just blew us away. Whatever you do, don't leave out the sesame seeds. It produces the most wonderful flavour, which is complemented by the lemon sauce. The meat is moist and tender with a lovely crunch from the panko crumbs. It's listed as an appetizer, but I served it for supper with Spicy Roasted Potatoes which paired very well together. I used 6 thighs that were cut into 6 pieces each. Made lots, which is a good thing. You just can't stop eating them. I opted to serve the sauce on the side for dipping. Made for RSC #15. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation, and good luck in the contest.

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Diana #2 March 06, 2010

Wowzers, this is delicious! It is amazing that you created this. The crust and sauce are way better than the type of lemon chicken you get in a Chinese restaurant, and much healthier. We made this with chicken breast meat - a half recipe for the two of us for dinner with brown rice and broccoli (both of those were good with the sauce over them too). This is one of those dishes that is hard not to keep eating after you are full because it tastes so good! Going into my best of the year cookbook.

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Maito August 11, 2014

Am definitely gonna have to start including more chicken thighs in my meal preparations (we're usually chicken breast eaters) as we really enjoyed this recipe! Served it as part of our supper, along with a side of brown rice, but would definitely be happy to make this again as a finger food dipper ~ Your lemon sauce was very nicely done! [Made & reviewed in RSC #15]

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Sydney Mike March 07, 2010
Lemon Chicken Bites