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This is some delicious chicken! The chicken breasts that I used were quite thick so the outside of them browned too much by the time it was cooked through. I think that I might precut the chicken before cooking it next time. Also, the sauce is amazing and doesn't taste overly lemony. So easy and so quick to do with delicious results! Made for Went To The Market tag game. Thanks breezermom! :)

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Nif October 28, 2012

Very good - followed the recipe exactly. In spite of looking a little complicated, it went together fast and was quite easy. Family all loved it, hubby licked his plate. Will keep this as a stand-by. thank you!

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In the Piney Woods December 17, 2013

I announced to Pepper, my cockatiel, that the way things were shaping up around my kitchen, today we will be eating poultry. His look of worry was touching. I threw some birdseed at him. Delicious. Made for Everyday Is A Holiday.

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gailanng April 27, 2011

Delicious. Kept true to all the ingredients but didn't batter the chicken. Just diced the chicken and stir fried with some veggies. Sauce was delicious. Think I will add a bit more lemon juice next time, or add some zest to my rice I served it with. But that is my taste preference, I love lemon. The sauce was absolutely fine as printed. Next time I am going to do that batter on the chicken and fry because that sounds so good. Just was trying to be good just this once. Great recipe. Thanks!!

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Sam's Mom December 06, 2010

This is a fantastic recipe! I made it just as directed and loved the lemon sauce. Next time I'll "health it up" a bit by just sauteing the chicken instead of battering and frying. A dish elegant enough to serve guests yet easy to make with ingredients I always have on hand. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof November 23, 2010

A 10 star recipe!!!! OMG, we were only three, so I used three chicken breasts, thinking I'd have plenty and maybe some for DHs lunch... not a chance!!! I should have made the Lot!! Bearing mind that normally I don't even eat chicken, I was pretty well licking out the pot after I made the sauce, how embarrassing. I actually cubed the chicken even before marinating, getting ahead of myself a little, but otherwise, exactly as directed, and this is truly a very simple recipe. I used the marinating time to get everything else, the batter and the sauce, ready, and then it was just a case of cooking the chicken.. very easy .. and then the sauce.. ditto. I probably only used about a cup of oil, if that, since I had much less chicken to cook, but I used the full amount of batter and made the full amount of sauce, and was glad that I did..... oh, to die for!!! I would very happily make this again tonight and will almost certainly make it at the weekend, DD has friends staying and says I Have to make this for them! Thanks breezermom, for an incredible recipe!

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Karen Elizabeth March 18, 2009

My family loved this recipe. I diced chicken tenderloin and sauteed it with salt and pepper instead of breading it. I used vegetable broth unstead of chicken. I served the chicken and sauce with pasta and broccoli. My whole family loved it. I don't eat meat but I had the sauce over pasta with sauteed spinach and garlic. It was good and easy to adapt to my vegetarian diet while still serving the rest of my family meat. The sauce is very good on steamed broccoli!

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Kathryn Y. January 24, 2016

Excellent rendition of lemon chicken-Chinese take out style! The chicken pieces I used were rather large so one battered pieces were well browned, I transferred then to the oven to bake all the way through. While the pieces were finished in the oven, I prepared the sauce. Pulled the baking dish out of the oven, poured sauce over and served immediately- it was s hit!

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Marlow D. January 09, 2016

Delicious. I had chicken breasts in the freezer and was looking for something different to do with them for dinner last night. I'm glad I chose this recipe. Everyone loved the flavor of the sauce (I served it over brown rice) and the crispiness of the chicken. I sliced my chicken into strips before breading and frying. Thank you!

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LifeIsGood July 20, 2015

What a wonderful recipe...I cut this down to 3 servings...I only cut the batter mixture in half because I wanted to make sure I had enough to coat my chicken cubes...I cubed them before frying...I also used my mini fry basket so the overall cooking time took a lot longer but the pieces were nice and crisp on the outside while being tender on the inside...next time I'm cutting the sauce mixture in half too...that way I'll have more for the rice...my final touch was to sprinkle some sesame seeds on top...made for FYC tag game...this is going on my best of 2015 list...

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teresas July 18, 2015
Lemon Chicken