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A very versatile recipe. This one sure is an improvement on the plain old condensed milk cheesecake. We served it with passionfruit pulp drizzled over the top of the cheesecake. The cheesecake is rich but so delicious. It is very easy to make. I only had the biscuit crumbs on the base of the springform pan. I personally thought it gave the cake more elegance with only the base of the pan crumbed. I love the lemon zest throughout the cheesecake; it gave it a good tang. We are sharing half the cheesecake with our lovely neighbours who mowed our footpath yesterday for no reason at all other then being great neighbours. For chefs that have only ever tasted a baked cheesecake, don't expect it to be the same texture. The texture of this unbaked cheesecake is very different. It is a velvety smooth texture. Great recipe JanS. Thank you. :-)

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Chrissyo October 05, 2002

I have been looking for a cheesecake recipe with this texture for a long time. It is so smooth it almost melts in your mouth. I also liked how it was more tart than sweet. I had to grate my lemon rind, so there were discernable flakes, but DH thought it made it better that way. I also substituted graham cracker crumbs with no sugar added for the cookie crumbs. This recipe will become our new standard.

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Donna Matthews September 28, 2005
Lemon Cheesecake-unbaked