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I agree with the other reviewer that the sauce was tasty and a little thin. It was actually quite unappetizing looking. The souffle, on the other hand, was a complete disaster. Baking it in another pan with hot water prevented it from cooking through on the bottom.

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Mark R. December 22, 2014

I borrowed the sauce for a gingerbread I was making. I didn't actually make the souffle, although I'm sure it's good. But the sauce was wonderful! I was a little shy of a whole tablespoon of lemon zest, as my gingerbread called for a teaspoon, but I had an extra tablespoon of juice from my 2 lemons, so I threw it in. It had a perfectly lemony flavor, and the touch of ginger was very nice. I did use an extra half-tablespoon of cornstarch. I couldn't wait for it to cool, and it seemed a little thin. (The leftover sauce will probably thicken up quite nicely in the fridge.)

I felt compelled to add a dash of salt. (I salt practically everything.) And at the end, I stirred in 2 T. of butter for a velvety finish. It was already good without it, but butter adds a little extra something to the texture.

I loved the method of bringing everything to a boil and then adding the cornstarch. Like making a simple syrup, it allowed the sugar to dissolve into the liquid, and allowed me the chance to correct any flovors that might not have been right, which, of course, there weren't.

Maybe someday, I'll make the souffle. As soon as I get a souffle dish.

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Laura2of7 February 09, 2011
Lemon-Cheese Souffle With Lemon-Ginger Sauce