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Had already started the recipe when I read the reviews saying it was dry. Also in what universe would you put 2 tablespoons of baking powder? So I changed a few things: increased milk to 1/2 cup, decreased flour to 1 1/2 cups, decreased baking powder to 2 TEASPOONS. Put baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt into flour. Whipped the egg whites first and set aside. Creamed butter with sugar, beat in egg yolks, lemon juice and zest, and milk. Mixed in flour until just combined, then folded in whipped egg whites. Baked in a BUNDT pan for 30 minutes +- at 350 degrees, not 375. Glazed with the icing and was very good.

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teeleigh March 14, 2014

Tried this lemon cake for the first time and was not satisfied. The taste of the cake itself was good but it was way too dry. Going to decide if I want to play around with the recipe to get it more moist or just try another recipe all together. My rating 3/5 stars.

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UrLoveJess February 09, 2013

Followed the recipe EXACTLY! only to find it running out of my one 9" cake pan, all over my gas oven, making the whole house stink. THEN I read the reviews only to find one person fiddled with the portions & baked it in a bundt pan....if only I could've thought of that he bundt pan! I was thinking, too, that 2 Tablespoons of baking powder was a lot. Guess I should've listened to my inner voice! I haven't finished baking it but now I'm praying it's not dry like everyone said in their reviews here. I've never written a re ice review but think it's important to warn folks that this recipi is incorrect!!! I'll read the reviews before trying an online recipe again! & now to see how the cakes going to turn out for my son's birthday party...

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opamarama March 22, 2015

This recipe was easy n came out quit good for my first time making a cake from scratch. Only problem I came across was trying to find unsalted butter... Looked at my local grocery stores n they eather didnt carry it or were sold out.... Lol so I used reg butter n it came out quit good just a lil dry but id rate my cake a 9 out of 10. ;)

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Iacastro69 January 26, 2012
Lemon Cake (From Scratch)