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Made this for Dh as he's the lemon-lover and he did indeed love it. Served this with Lemon Curd which took it over the top. I liked the modification of less sugar, not missing it at all. Made this as a bundt cake. Next time I'll turn the heat down to 325? as it got a little too brown at the bottom of the pan while the top needed a full hour to complete baking.

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sugarpea January 31, 2008

Evelyn, this cake is delicious, I made this this morning for my lemon-loving DH, I ran out of Kosher salt so I use 3/4 teaspoon regular table salt, and that seemed to work fine. This is a moist denser cake and it is fairly sweet (even with Ev's modification!) so you might want to reduce the sugar a little if you do not have a sweet tooth lol! great cake Ev!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz May 04, 2006

I loved Evelyn's Raspberry Shortbread... amazing... so I had high hopes for this recipe, but I wish I had remembered Sugarpea's review for the cake did get burnt at the bottom while the top was a lovely golden brown. Very dense, very, very moist cake. Thank you for posting.

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Ilovemy4kids July 28, 2006
Lemon Cake