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This was great. I did not do any of the fat-reducing techniques and I used dried blueberries. It did get pretty dark, so I recommend a lower oven shelf or a sheet of aluminum foil over it for at least 1/2 the cooking time. Doubled it, it made it two really chubby loaves (using the long and thin European style loaf-pans) and glazed it with the juice of two lemons mixed with 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup limoncello. I originally made it as a 'thank you' gift, but in the end decided it was too good to give away! LOL. I bought him a bottle of wine instead.

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KWB October 11, 2009

i was all out of yogurt so I used mayonaise, halfing the asked portions... that didnt change a thing on this cake,, was excellant. moist tender and OMG GOOD. Thank you so much for posting..

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WyomingMoonDust September 13, 2009

I made this for a family gathering. I used Greek yogurt, and lemon flavoring added about 1 tsp of orange rind. I used 4 eggs. I also put orange rind w/ powered sugar (1/2) bag and 2 ozs. Cream cheese into a nice frosting w/ almond milk. Killer! I used Pam on an Angel Food Cake Pan and sugared the bottom, sides and tube. Baked it for 70 min. Oven turned off left in for 15 extra min.

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swachob August 06, 2014

Really good! Used frozen wild blueberries, stonyfield farms lemon yogurt, regular butter and since my eggs were huge, omitted the extra egg white. Excellent cake with a light and moist texture. Will make again! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama January 06, 2014

Made this as a treat for my kids and husband - at first they saw the blueberries (and the whole wheat color, I always use ww instead of regular flour) - and they turned their noses saying eww. But then they tasted it...and the room fell silent. moments later they were asking for a second piece! woohoo! a success! Thank you for this yummy recipe. BTW - I used this in a bundt pan, sprayed with PAM for baking, it came out of the pan without a hitch. Pam Baking Spray is the bomb! Also - for those who choose not to use the lemon icing, you're missing out. It really makes the cake.

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denisekv March 04, 2012

Delicious buttery pound cake, and without the heavyness you often find in this kind of cake. For Easter Dessert my Great Aunt Always made a Box Mix pound cake in a lamb shaped cake mold that's iced with vanilla Italian icing and covered in coconut. Last year she passed the mold to me. I made it exactly as she always had, but this year I couldn't resist trying something different. This turned out very well (the mold is about = to an 8" loaf pan and cooked perfectly in 55 minutes). I didn't make the glaze obviously as I used our usual icing/coconut. It tastes more like blueberry cake to me though. The lemon didn't come through. Next time I would add lemon zest or extract. I got the cake + 12 cupcakes. I didn't have enough berries for both so I only used them in the lamb portion. Without the berries the cupcakes came out wonderfully too (again more vanilla/buttery then lemony). Baked about 23 minutes for the cupcakes. I'll keep this recipe around!

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Nikoma April 11, 2009

never fails to please -- I agree you need to grease and flour pan to assure release -- I make a very tart glaze with 4 T lemon jouice and powedered sugar to make a thin glaze and give the whole cake a one-over while it is still warm.

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JFS1954 October 07, 2008

This was yummy! I too had the problem of the first cake coming apart when I tried to flip it out of the pan ~~ it didn't stop us from eating it though! The second time I had more success by greasing and flouring the pan and using fewer blueberries (the first cake seemed to fall apart where a lot of the blueberries settled in the cake). Overall a delicious cake that is perfect for a PTA meeting or church social. The glaze was very good and the combination of blueberry and lemon was exquisite. The only changes I made were: regular cream cheese, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, margarine to grease the pan and regular butter. I cooked it in a bundt pan for 65 minutes -- perfectly moist! Thanks for posting!

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SGpratt January 17, 2008

I have been making this since it was originally published in Cooking Light. It is a really good cake, dense and full of blueberries. This is a keeper, one of my all time favorite blueberry recipes. Thanks for posting.

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Messy44 September 02, 2007

This was so good... stood up to all our substitutions, like 1/2 sugar and applesauce etc. ALSO tried adding a layer of custard in the middle of the batter and was AMAZING!

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DancingCandyCane July 29, 2007
Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake