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Fantabulous! That is what one of my guests said when he tried these. They are very delicious and so easy to make - thanks Diana for a great recipe.

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Babs in Toyland December 14, 2002

My first attempt at lemon bars and I thought they turned out pretty well. I followed the recommendations of several reviewers 1) I beat the eggs by themselves for approximately 7 minutes until they were frothy and then I added the remaining ingredients according to the recipe and the lemon filling cooked and set nicely in the recommended cooking time 2) I increased the zest to one whole lemon, I used 1/2 cup lemon juice (half fresh-squeezed, half from a bottle) and I reduced the sugar to 1 cup, which resulted in a tart, lemony bar and 3) I used a glass baking dish which seemed to help with the sticking problem, although it was still a delicate process in getting them out of the pan. I did run a knife around the edge right after I took them out of the oven. I let them cool in the pan for approximately 1 hour before attempting to cut them and that seemed to work pretty well. Going forward, I will probably lightly grease the pan, but it was certainly doable in the glass dish. While I could have served without the dusting of powdered sugar, the bar looked a bit bare without the topping. This is definitely a recipe I will keep on hand as it was relatively easy to put together and the result was very good.

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SGpratt May 01, 2008

I followed the recipe exactly. The crust was fine but the lemon topping did not set up. I left it 10 extra minutes and it was still runny. Then I couldn't get it out of the pan. The crust stuck. Overall it was not an attractive dessert. The taste made up for the difficulties. I used freshly squeezed juice. It was good just not a 5 star recipe for me.

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Guava G. April 13, 2003

Good, but not perfect. The only changes I made were to reduce the sugar to 1 1/2 cups (plenty) and not cool the crust before pouring the filling over and putting it back in the oven.

The recipe would be perfect if the crust were halved (or even less) and the filling doubled. I will make this again, but with this change. The flavor of the filling was nearly perfect; there just wasn't nearly enough of it to balance out the very thick crust.

Thank you for a good recipe.

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JeannaLW May 26, 2011

Love these! I was torn about which recipe to try since there are so many on this site and another site I frequent. I'm very happy I chose this recipe. When eating them while still warm (by the spoonful) I thought they might be too sweet but the next day they were perfect. I sprayed the glass 9x13 with Pam and they didn't stick on the bottom but the sides did so next time I'll use parchment paper. I thought the crust was perfect for the size of the pan and was thicker than I first thought. I used the zest of 1 lemon and used the juice from 3 large lemons which still was just over 1/2 cup. I took another reviewer's advice and mixed the eggs with the mixer for 7-8 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients. I'm not 100% sure I needed to mix it that long since it looked the same after about 4 minutes of mixing but I'm not a skilled cook so I kept mixing. Very happy with this recipe.

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mybirdzone April 21, 2010

Very good! This was my first attempt at making lemon bars. I loved the crust, but the lemon filling could be more lemony for my tastes. I definitely prefer my lemon desserts to be on the tart side. Next time, I would at least double the amount of lemon juice and maybe decrease the sugar a bit. Thanks for posting!

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noway March 19, 2011

These are so good!! Easy to make, and they taste great. Just the right amount of tartness for our tastes. I made exactly as directed and will definately make again. The only problem I had was that the sides stuck to the pan so I'll do as another reviewer suggested and use parchment paper next time, instead of just greasing the pan.

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hkcurry June 01, 2010

I, too, added more lemon juice (1/2 c total) and more zest (1 T). I did not let the crust cool before baking the filling. The hot crust helps cook the filling, just like with meringue! I used fresh lemon juice and zest from Meyer lemons.
They were delicious with these modifications.

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GinaJohnson December 22, 2012

These are amazing! Not that you need another review saying so ;) But I do agree with some of the other reviewers - the crust to filling ratio is a bit off. Don't get me wrong, it's still absolutely delicious! But I think I will play with it a little to get a little less crust and. I decreased the sugar a little, and it is still plenty sweet enough. Might even decrease that a bit more next time. I also used dried lemon peel, and will probably leave that out in the future. I'm sure it added flavor, I'm just not so sure I like the texture it added. I fed these to four other people, and they all said they were incredible! Will definitely be making these again!

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qotw13 June 11, 2011

I made this last night for a potluck and didn't bring it to the poluck because I was embarrassed of the taste. It turned out horribly and I made almost exactly as the recipe was written. My only difference was that I used splenda instead of powdered sugar in the base. the base was too think and the top wasn't enough. I think it will taste better if the top part is doubled and the base is halved. Also the cooking time was way too long. If I make again, which I haven't decided if I will, I will start checking the base at about the 10 min marker. The top also needed way less cooking time. Ther recipe wasn't at all like a luscious lemon bar, but with tweaking there is promise!

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Mrs. Beckman March 20, 2011
Lemon Bars