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found the recipe easy to make however once complete my husband and i noticed a very strong egg flavor. I'm not sure if I was an error on my part or not. I Found that i need more detail as to what the lemon filling should be like when done. What tempature it should get to and how long it should be cooked for. I had it a double boiler for 30 mins on low-med heat. Should it have been higher? more info in the recipe would help.

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chef a la Sheena May 28, 2010

This is worth the time and effort. Its fantastic. Tastes better if you let it chill longer. I liked it more the next morning. I used extra lemon rind to make it super lemony and offsets the sweet cool whip some. Next time I might use one extra egg and try with orange or lime. The shell is so light and tasty. YUM!

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pumpkinvines July 23, 2009

AWESOME! A request on the Gluten Free Forum had me find this absolutely awesome recipe. A winner - big time - for the gluten free I needed as well as for those of us who aren't. Will have to make enough for everyone - it's that good. Know I am going to hear "it's a ten" for both taste and presentation when my taste testers have one of these. Needing a sweet plate made as tarts instead of using the pie tin. Recipe made for nine shells in the regular sized muffin tins and six using several sized foil tart liner. To my delight no problem getting them out of the pan - while they popped easier from the foil liners there was no problem getting them out of the pan. Baking time in my oven approximately 45 minutes, keeping in mind ovens do vary. Shells were beautiful! As for the filling it made up easily in my heavy pot I use for fillings and lemon curd. What I did find is be sure to thicken as the poster suggests - I stopped short - recooked and perfect. Prepared and refrigerated, filled just before serving. For us the muffin tins size perfect for dessert. Will use the smaller foil tart liners for the sweet tray using the smaller size may make for less baking time. I see endless options as to fillings! Thank you for sharing your mother's recipe. Can't wait to wow my family and friends! Update March 22 - I WOWED them! Using the smaller foil liners shortens baking time. Made for a winner. This not only wowed the GF - it WOWED everyone. Recipe requests? Yes - each and everyone! Made mention that five was a winner - quests decided that since everyone wanted a copy of the recipe - it should be deemed a ten! Now how good is that!!

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Gerry March 22, 2009

This could have been awesome! If I could rate it on taste alone, I'd give 5 stars, but either the directions weren't specific enough, or I second guessed myself too much and I ended up with a mess! LOL The main problem was the shell, my first thought was to make the merangue into a pie shell shape in the pan, but the recipe didn't specify, so I just put it in the pan and smoothed the top. As it baked, it filled the entire pan and looked like there was a pie under there. So, I let it cool, it never fell or made any type of place to put the filling, so I scooped out some of the merangue to put in the filling. Not a big deal, but I'd be really interested to know the way this recipe is supposed to turn out. When I cut into it, I had quite a lot of watery stuff in the bottom of the pan, that wasn't very attractive either! But overall the taste was good, and I'm intrigued by the concept, I just need clearer instructions on if the merange is supposed to be a shell and how to acheive that. I suspect the watery stuff at the bottom might have been because I used real whipped cream rather than Cool Whip. But if I could get the shell to work right, the real whipped creme taste would be worth the soggyness.

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yibbityibbit December 25, 2005
Lemon Angel Pie