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I serve it with couscous. The meat turns out to be full of flavour and very tender. I have never made it with the garnish, as the meat looks great as is coming out from the oven.

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liliya_99 July 10, 2010

I am trying to like this sooooo much, but although the spice blend was WONDERFUL, the whole just didn't turn out as expected. I marinaded the lamb overnight and then for half the next day and DH put it into the oven dish to cook with the other ingredients as directed. First off, there was extra sauce but sadly it glued and then crisped itself to the bottom of the pan so there was nothing to baste with :( and although the smell after one and a half hours was great, (and indeed turned out to be well cooked so luckily we didn't add any extra time) that we rested it and then found that where I had made the deep incisions and pressed in the ginger etc that the taste was exceptionally strong and a little overwhelming. We and three guests tried really hard to like it but while it was edidible it simply wasn't to our tastes. Please see my Rating System: 3 stars for a recipe that had SO much promise and potential but that we couldn't get to work for us. What a shame. Anyway it was good to try and other reviewers had a heap more success so please don't let my experience put you off at all. Thanks!

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kiwidutch December 27, 2008

This looks like a lot of steps and ingredients, but it is SO simple to make I can't believe it. I marinated our butterflied leg of lamb for 24 hours and cooked it for the time given. We could have cut it with a spooon, it melted in our mouths and was a stunning main dish for our curry meal. I will be making this amazing dish again soon.

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JustJanS September 16, 2005

My family's favourite preparation of mutton (Yes we use goat's meat as lamb is not easily avlbl.) I have posted this recipe too. Oversight I guess as yours was there first and identical to what I use. I normally check. Did not want such a wonderful dish go unrated when it should be 5 star all the way! What say!! :0 Fay P.S. I normally omit the sultanas due to personal taste preferences. But everything else is bang on! I serve this with a veg. Pulav and raita or sabji (that is a dry vegetable dish)and yes cutlets/ kebabs. Scrumptious!!

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Girl from India March 12, 2004
Leg of Lamb in a Spicy Yogurt Sauce