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Very good idea, these are great to have in the freezer for a quick lunch. Very easy to make as we'll, especially if you have everything left over.

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Leanne Yeatman December 30, 2012

Excellent idea... I would normally cook a pie or cassrole with my leftover roast, this was different and enjoyed very much by my family. I didn't have roast veg left over, so improvised cooking off some onion, carrot, garlic and mushroom and added some boiled diced potato and some smoked cheese I had. Took a little longer to cook (Was in for 40 mins) but came out beautifully! Thanks for the recipe and idea!

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rcrdwatt May 12, 2011

This recipe was okay, but it seemed like it could have used a little bit more flavor. Then again, maybe it would have been better if I had used a pre-made puff pastry. (This was my first attempt at making my own as well as my first time ever using puff pastry.) I also found the weight measurements a little confusing since I am so used to measuring things by volume. So, I think I may have accidentally used too many potato pieces which muted the flavor even further. Overall, a good recipe, but I think it might need a little tweaking to get the proportions right. However, as I said before, I'm not sure if this was more of a problem with the recipe or the cook. :) UPDATE: I froze the leftover filling the first time I made these. Tonight, I thawed the filling and put it in Savoury Pastry Crust for Quiche, and it was pretty good. The flavorfulness of the pastry complimented the filling well and helped add more flavor to the pasties.

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Ransomed by Fire September 01, 2009

Perfect directions. Great idea for Pasties, which I grew up with. Very simple recipe for leftovers turned out really well. Served "chips" to go with it. Just like the old days. LOVE IT!!!

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Nan R. December 31, 2008

Just made these and the filling is so great. I had sausage stuffing, roast potatoes, I didn't have any left over veg so I used a can of mixed veg (swede, parsnip, turnip, carrot) and I used the left over gravy. I used a cereal bowl to cut out the circle and made 4 nice sized pasties with a normal pack of pre-rolled shortcrust pastry, I did have quite a bit of filling left as maybe i should have had more pastry, but I bet the filling will freeze brilliantly for another super quick meal! Defrost the filling, throw in the pastry, and impress the family :) Thanks for a great idea on how to get rid of my leftovers!

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MSR March 28, 2008
Leftover Turkey or Chicken Pasties