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I was first introduced to this casserole as a child by my grandmother. It's a tradition I've carried on with my own family. They prefer this meal the day after Thanksgiving more than the Thanksgiving dinner itself! I don't use the vegetables at all, as we usually have leftover green bean casserole to serve on the side. I order them differently, too - stuffing on the bottom, then turkey, then mashed potatoes, then top with the gravy and poke holes all the way down to the stuffing layer so it gets the hot bubbly gravy, too. Serve with leftover cranberry sauce, too! Heaven on a plate.

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PanNan December 21, 2005

My dh and I loved this! I put a layer of stuffing, then turkey, gravy then mashed potatoes. I forgot about the veggies! But this made the stuffing even better and everything came together wonderfully. I did let it bake for about 45 minutes, just because I was busy, thanks so much!

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dara K. November 30, 2008

We had this last night. I also layered it differently, stuffing on bottom, turkey, creamed corn, threw in some French's onions, then the mashed potatoes, more onions and topped with shredded cheese. Very tasty! A definite keeper!

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jrtfan November 27, 2007

Unlike the majority of the other reviewers, I followed your recipe exactly. I layered the leftover mashed potatoes, stirred the cubed turkey and frozen mixed vegetables together, topped with about 3 cups of leftover gravy and topped with the stuffing. It was good, but next time I would add some garlic, salt and pepper to the turkey and veggies before I finish layering. It was just a bit bland, that is why I only rated it 4 stars. Thanks for a great way to use up the last bits of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner before they went bad! Thanks again looneytunesfan!

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ElizabethKnicely December 02, 2014

I made this recipe to use up my Thanksgiving leftovers and it certainly a "keeper" recipe! I loved the taste! It was so easy that I made a dish for my husband and myself, and sent one with my son who stopped by for a visit. Really good dish, and an easy way to use leftovers!

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cookin mimi November 26, 2012

I made this recipe on 12/2/11 for two events, " Hustle And Bustle Of December " in the Food Photo Forum and for the " Let's P-A-R-T-Y " Event in Cooking Contests And Events Forum. Except for subbing some cooked peas & carrots for the frozen mixed veggies, this recipe was made exactly as it was written. I thought the taste was just " o.k.", but my SO seemed to have enjoyed it quite well. Thanks for posting and, " Keep Smiling :) "

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Chef shapeweaver � December 03, 2011

LT- This is my first time making this casserole although I read and heard great reviews. DH is not a afan on the 2nd time around stuff but I told him this is pot pie without the extra breading of the crust. Well we certainly enjoyed it. I used leftover everything including veggies. I even had a 2nd go around the next day for lunch. As there was a substantial bit left over (2 0f us) I froze a portion to do a reheat day later on. I am hoping it is as good the next time around. Now off to make the same type dish with leftover ham before soup making. Thank you.

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Chef1MOM-Connie December 30, 2010

Good way to use up leftovers. I added a can of Campbell cream of celery soup to the mix and used canned mixed vegtables. Also sprinkled Velveeta cheese over the stuffing. It was amazingly good. Thanks for a great idea, will make it again

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Hardryv December 07, 2010

I gave this recipe 4 stars. My family really liked this recipe. My husband who is not a big fan of the Turkey take 2 recipes even liked it. My only complaint was I used mixed frozen veggies and they were not cooked enough for me, so next time I will cook them first. When I made this I didn't have homemade Turkey gravy as we had deep fried our Turkey this year, so I used a can of Turkey gravy and a can of chicken cause I only had 1 can of Turkey gravy. I ended up using the 2 cups of Turkey and mashed potatoes. As for the stuffing I used Stove Top stuffing and we don't eat alot of it so I probably had almost a full box. Overall this turned out better then I thought it would. I'm looking forward to trying this with other meats. Thanks for posting a good recipe! Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut November 28, 2010
Leftover Turkey Casserole