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Thank you! TRUE!
As is first time for making scones from scratch too!
Used lingonberry jam as had on hand today,
Used double cream instead of half and half, is just my way!
These came out delicious, GREAT recipe for leftovers, too!
From DH, even got the WHOO HOO!

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mickeydownunder November 27, 2010

This is a good recipe but I'm knocking it down a star because the recipe itself has some mistakes. The list of ingredients calls for 1 cup half and half, but in the recipe instructions the author refers to "1/2 c half and half". I used 1/2 cup and decided this was the correct amount. Furthermore the recipe calls for 1/3 cup sugar, but the author never indicates when it should be added. I did not end up adding the sugar and find that the scone is fine without it, although I am not sure everyone would agree. Lastly i would humbly suggest that recipes are a little easier to follow if the ingredients are listed in the order in which they are used. Thanks for a good recipe, these little fixes will make it more user-friendly! :) I'll look forward to making this again.

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jewelsf November 26, 2011

Delicious! Like the other reviewer, I would caution others to note that the amount of half and half in the dough should only be 1/2 cup. I made a couple of changes to suit what I had, but don't believe it changed the recipe. Used 3/4 cup of my Spirited Cranberry Apricot Sauce so omitted the orange zest and cinnamon. Patted the dough into a 8-9 inch circle on the baking sheet and scored with a knife. Baked about 18 minutes. The kids inhaled these for breakfast. I'll definitely make them again! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama December 18, 2011
Leftover Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce Scones