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We liked this - it was a tasty and easy way to use up leftovers. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because the time it takes to make it was a LOT more for me. It took a little over an hour from start to finish. That said though, the flavor was WONDERFUL, and it is something I'd make again when I have leftover salmon. I made some changes based on personal preferences and availability of ingredients. I used the bottoms of green onions to soften with the celery, corn instead of peas, twice the amount of pepper, and left out the dill. I did put in some parsley, and since the soup was not thick enough (for my tastes) I added some cornstarch. Oh, and I did leave out the swiss because I didn't have any. Thanks for this recipe!

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jonsbeka May 20, 2010

Made this last night. Only had red potatoes on hand so I left the skins on. Didn't have cheddar so used all swiss. Used skim milk and it still tasted nice and rich--I'd make salmon just to get the ingredients for this soup--my DH and I really liked it! Thanks for a nice change on leftovers.

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LuvToEat January 12, 2009

Really good chowder - inventions often turn out better than formal recipes! This chowder is very similar to a salmon hotdish we make with mashed potatoes, cheese, and a white sauce. All in all, a good combination. I had to serve the shredded cheese on the side because we couldn't all agree on it; but it was good with or without it. This recipe made our leftover salmon into something that everyone wants to eat! Thanks for sharing your idea.

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tmkurth July 29, 2008

Super Yummy! I was looking for something else to do with salmon fillets--we are getting tired of just baking them! This chowder was great. I steamed the salmon to pre-cook it while the veggies sauted. I upped the amount of potatoes, onions, and celery. I also used up a partial bag of frozen mixed veggies--peas, corn, lima beans, green beans, carrots, etc.--in place of just peas. I initially forgot to put in the cheese, but my DH spinkled some on top of his bowl and declared that the cheese gave it an extra umph, so I added a cup of shredded cheddar to the rest of the soup. This will definitely go into our recipe rotation.

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Loves2Cook! February 13, 2016

Rich, thick and delicious--a VERY filling chowder. For me, the boil/reduction time took more like 15 minutes, (definitely not 3); so I agree with the first reviewer that the whole meal was ready in about an hour. Still no reason to give it less than 5 stars though, because the flavor was amazing. Substitutions: I used canned corn instead of peas, which added a nice sweetness; and I was out of dill so I used parsley. I used a little more salmon, in bigger chunks, and a little less potatoes, in very small chunks. I also added a couple pinches of paprika and a bay leaf, and a little more pepper than the recipe specified. Served with some homemade sourdough rye, and DH loved this stuff! An excellent way to use leftover salmon.

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saucywomyn May 06, 2011
Leftover Salmon Fillet Chowder