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Leftover noodles? In my house? You have got to be kidding me! I'm lucky if I can keep enough of the drained and rinsed noodles around long enough until the sauce has been prepared. Keeping that in mind, and knowing how much the family loves noodle dishes, I just prepared the sauce first (as per the recipe) and then cooked up a batch of noodles to go with the sauce. Can I review a recipe entitled Leftover Noodles Casserole when I am not using Leftover Noodles? For argument's sake, let's pretend I can. And on to my review: I didn't really measure the vegetables, just tossed in the trinity of peppers, celery and onions. I used a strongly flavored local yellow cheese and a full cup of sour cream. I also mixed some of the shredded cheese with the breadcrumbs for an extra-crunchy topping. In our house, people fight over crunchy topping! All in all, good stuff!

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Mirj February 26, 2007

This was very good. But I did make some changes according to what I had on hand. I used coconut oil only because it is so good for "you". I also used frozen broccoli because I didn't have celery and a few cloves of garlic. I sauteed all of this and caramelized the veggies a bit. I also used plain greek yogurt for the extra good for "you" stuff and because I didn't have an onion soup mix I used vegetable recipe mix from Knorr. My children are 7 & 10 and they mmm mmm loved it ;) My husband had seconds & my daughter wants to take it for lunch tomorrow at school. Definitely a keeper recipe. Oh, and for the topping I used crunched up potato chips added extra chopped up cheddar as another suggestion was given(good one) and Parmesan cheese and because my family loves garlic I added a bit of store bought minced garlic and added it the last 15 minutes of baking to get it really crispy.
Thanks for the ideas...

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cris-r August 25, 2011

Since I never have leftover noodles, I made rotelle (corkscrew) noodles just for this. Great flavor! Nice balance of creaminess and veggies. I used red bell pepper instead of green for some extra color. My milk and sour cream were reduced fat. I'll certainly make this again....leftover noodles or not! I think muchrooms would be a great addition to this and I'm going to try that. Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* August 30, 2007

I thought this was a great change from the usual casseroles. I loved the egg in it. My daughter didn't really like it, but more because it "looked funny". I didn't have any celery so I subbed red peppers and it was still really good. I actually forgot about the bread crumbs until posting this review, but I'll have to try it again with them.

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Sam #3 June 28, 2007

This was good comfort food. Managed to keep some noodles from another meal and made this with some leftover veggies I had in the fridge. Used low-fat milk and low-fat sour cream. Thanks Kathy!

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Redsie May 06, 2007
Leftover Noodles Casserole