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I used leftover oatmeal in these. I also added a tablespoon of beet juice so they would be pink...this was for the little girl who was not enjoying the big or the little brother today. For oil I use coconut, and added chocolate chips, trader joes orange cranberries, raisins, and pecans....just the last bit in the bags because I was organizing the cupboards...they smell yummy. The kids loved them, and since all are grumpy today I think that is a compliment. I think the recipe is pretty easy to read if you decide what you are going to do and do it. I often change recipes to make them healthier, but if you think a recipe is there to follow with no thought...this may not be for you. Great recipe, thanks for sharing. I am printing this off as a emergency recipe...options are great when you don't want to get groceries in the middle of a snowstorm with three kids under five years.

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farmchick #2 August 31, 2012

I used 1.25 oatmeal 1.25 bread flour. I used yogurt and canola oil... And i added 1 cup each: chocolate chips and shredded coconut I've never heard of mixing yogurt in... Certainly i was baking longer then suggested (about 25min) But these are soooooo good! New family favourite! Thanks for sharing this.

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lantonio04 March 17, 2013

Sounds like a good recipte but very poorly written and confusing---beware

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BestFriendsStevie January 05, 2012

I will keep this recipe around ALWAYS! Easily made gluten-free...and those brown bananas are gone! For the first try, I went with crunchy peanut butter for the fat, 1 C. mashed bananas and 1/2 C. mini bittersweet chocolate bits for add-ins, and needed to use some almond milk.....with the oats, they were DIVINE! A great grab-and-go breakfast for the college kid, too! Not that he got more than three! My bad! SO GLAD I stumbled across this recipe! THANKS!

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Singin'Chef January 04, 2012

Mmmm, these muffins are great! They are soft, moist and full of flavour! Everyone around here enjoyed them very much! I luv that they are quick and easy to make and so versatile! Today I used 1/2 cup oatmeal + 1 1/2 cups spelt flour as the dry ingredients. Then I used a vanilla yoghurt mixed with water for the milk and 1 small egg and 1/4 cup sunflowerseed oil. For the sweeteners I used a mix of sugar and agave nectar. My add ins were chocolate covered raisins. YUM!!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this lovely recipe with us! Ill surely make it often again!

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Lalaloula November 14, 2009
Leftover Lovers Muffins