Leftover Chicken Croquettes

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

A mixture of chicken, eggs, bread crumbs, sauteed onion, parsley and light seasoning

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  1. In a large bowl combine the chicken, bread crumbs, 2 eggs and onion and mix well; if mixture is too dry to form patties, mix in another lightly beaten egg. Then add parsley, salt and pepper to taste, mix well and form into small patties.
  2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat and fry patties in oil until golden brown.


Most Helpful

Nice way to use up leftover chicken. I didn't have an onion on hand, stirred in a bit of dried minced onion, black pepper, a touch of dry mustard and cayenne powder. <br/><br/>These cooked up beautifully, frying them in peanut oil in a cast iron skillet.<br/><br/>I DID adjust the proportions "by ear." The basic recipe here calls for one part bread crumbs to two parts chicken, and that seemed like far too much filler. I chopped the chicken into 1/8 inch dice, added an egg and about half the recommended amount of bread crumbs (using Pepperidge Farm Italian seasoned crumbs). A second egg made things a little too loose, but another tablespoon or two of the crumbs made a nice mixture that felt right when manipulated with the spatula. As I put the croquettes into the hot oil, I sprinkled the tiniest bit of Panko crumbs on each side, to help brown them. They came out crisp on the outside, deliciously golden brown, and well cooked.<br/><br/>Reading other reviews, I think people may not realize that different bread crumbs are going to thicken the batter differently. You really can't follow the recipe exactly; you simply have to make the proportions by feel.<br/><br/>Served it with a spring greens salad, dressed with lemon-tahini dressing and some home-made cranberry sauce.

Stan47 November 29, 2014

Very good basic recipe. I used two eggs, my own home made bread crumbs made from a good crusty french loaf, I did not have parsley on hand so I used the tops of a celery bunch I had which adds extra flavor plus the grassy taste of parsley, I also added two tablespoons mayonnaise. I see many resort to canned "cream" soups, blechhhhh, they are so artificial tasting and bad for you. I also added a 1/4 cup of minced red bell pepper and a 1 tsp of poultry seasoning, seasoning salt instead of table salt and lots of fresh ground black pepper. Was very tasty.

Chef Farmer June 06, 2011

This turned out to dry and needed more seasons. I had followed the recipe except I added garlic to the onions and cooked and I also added seasoning salt and some garlic powder. I also used the 3 eggs. It needed a sauce or something too. If I try this again I will try adding the cream soup like someone else did.

April #7 January 23, 2009

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