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This turned out to be a good tasty supper dish,that was prepared without any real effort. Like Lainey,I decided to add some meat to it,to make it a complete meal,but used turkey mince rather than beef,to keep the fat down. I also threw in a handful of quartered mushrooms,and a good amount of garlic powder and chilli flakes,and seasoned it very well too. This was a good midweek meal,and went well with a fried egg (runny yolk of course!!) thrown on the top.The egg yolk running down into the potatoes was just great. The only downside of this,was that I would have prefered the potatoes to have crisped up a little around the edges,so next time I may well fry them off a little first before introducing the other components. Thanks for posting.Made for PRMR.

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Noo December 04, 2009

Very good! I did add the ground beef as my family prefers meat to their dinner most of the time. This is really simple and filling. Thanks for sharing!

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Lainey6605 November 25, 2009
Lee's Potato and Onion Skillet