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Oh yummy, yummy! This was fantastic. They were very well received by all. This would definitely be something to impress visitors with! I had to bake for 20 minutes before the eggs were set. I highly recommend this one! (6 WW points per serving for those who keep track).

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jenpalombi December 24, 2006

A nice fast and easy breakfast that we enjoyed but felt it could use a little more flavor. Thinking next time I might had some salsa instead of tomatoes and maybe some fresh cilantro and like the idea of the bell peppers with the leeks for added vegies; I made as directed but did make one mistake in cooking mine just a little to long - I thought the egg hadn't set up in the time allowed and left in the oven another 10 minutes and my egg didn't "leak" it was more hardboiled. That was OK though as we liked it like that.

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Bonnie G #2 January 11, 2011

What an easy tasty recipe -I got them ready in the muffin tins ahead of time (about an hour) then popped them in the oven 10 minutes before serving. 10 minutes was perfect - the whites were cooked and the yolk runny - just the way I like them. The leeks add a lovely flavor. Thanks Rainforest for a delicious brunch on Canada Day

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Bergy July 02, 2008

We LOVED these eggs! My ramekins seemed to have disappeared so I had to use muffin tins that I greased with Olive Oil before baking. I used ham and a little bacon that I had in the fridge and baked for 7 minutes in my convection oven. Also used the leek option. These turned out tasty and delicious, and they were oh so simple to do. I would serve this to guests for an easy breakfast. I especially love that I wasn't standing over a frying pan or oven, leaving me free to set the table and put the coffee on. (Or visit with guests if that were the case!) Thanks for a well written and simple recipe, I'll be making this one again!

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~Leslie~ December 16, 2006

I picked this recipe while playing Christmas tag. I chose it because I had everything on hand and wanted to make something a bit different than scrambled eggs. It was very easy to prepare and I used roasted red peppers from a jar instead of the leaks. I did however have to cook it an additional 5 minutes because when I took them out after 10 minutes the eggs had not set. I also tried to unmold one to see how it would come out but it was not very appealing. The taste was great but it was a bit watery (possibly from the canned peppers). I would recommend this for anyone looking for a beautiful brunch entree. My husband said it would have been better without the tomato but I think the tomato adds to its loveliness. My 5 year old son also enjoyed this.

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Tarynne December 10, 2006

This is very good. It is quick, easy and tastes good. I am always looking for things to make a quick breakfast. This will go in my regular rotation from now on. Plus, it would be nice to serve to company as it is in individual servings. Thanks for posting.

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Mysterygirl December 10, 2006
Leeky Baked Eggs