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Good filling flavour. I used Jamilah's Basic Dough Recipe instead of the one written here. This makes a ton more fatayer than stated plus it does not say when to add the lemon juice which I did include. Like Elmotoo I left my spinach mixture in a sieve over a bowl to drain or it would have had a lot of liquid in it. I used prewashed baby spinach which was much easier, sea salt, to taste, canola oil, Cortas brand pomegranate molasses (my favourite), plus the rest of the ingredients Despite the issues stated I would use this recipe again for the filling with the same dough I used already.

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UmmBinat August 11, 2012

the dough need yeast/

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apriljet117 July 25, 2009

They look very nice, the triangle shape makes them unique. I don't know how they will taste as will serve them tonight. Hope they taste as good as they look!! Cooked them and they taste terrific!!! I added some sesame seeds to the mixture and some thyme as I did not have Sumac. Even the children liked them. Pastry is excellent too, I brushed with a little bit of oil before cooking in the oven. They did not take long to assemble and my dough did grow after 6 hours (not as much as how a dough grows with yeast) I managed to make 26 mini pies. I had lots of mixture left and even dough shame I binned it!!!

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e_gatt May 17, 2009

The dough didn't seem to rise in the 6 hours mentioned in the directions. It certainly wasn't doubled in size. However, it was a lovely dough to work with - nice & elastic. 1 1/2kg spinach is a lot of chopping! When was I supposed to add the 1/2c lemon juice? The directions say the recipe makes 6 pies but using a cup to cut out the circles, I ended up with about 50. And mine looked like beggars purses because I couldn't get the hang of the 3 point thing, lol. And it took me more like 2 hours to prep - maybe this is because I just hadn't done it before? Also, I kept the chopped spinach mixture in a colander set in a bowl so it would continue to drain. That worked really well. BUT! THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY DELICIOUS!!! I highly recommend taking the time to make these. Made for PAC spring '07.

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Elmotoo May 09, 2007
Lebanese Spinach Pies (Fatayers)