Lebanese Rose Drink (Sharab Ward)

Total Time
2 mins
20 mins

A delicious pink drink that is probably enjoyed around the region. From the Lebanon/Syria/Jordan (& Palestinian) section of The Complete Middle East Cookbook By Tess Mallos.

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  1. Put sugar and water into a pan and stir over medium heat until dissolved.
  2. Bring to a boil and add lemon juice.
  3. Boil without stirring, for 10 minutes, skimming when necessary.
  4. Add colouring to syrup to achieve a deep pink - it will be lighter when diluted later.
  5. Add rose water and boil 3 minutes longer. Remove from heat, cool, bottle and seal.
  6. To serve, put 2-3 tbs syrup or to taste, in a glass (I use more but maybe my glasses are big) then fill with iced water.