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I made this with rotiserrie chicken. Added half a can of corn and one sliced celery stock. I also used water and added chicken bouillion instead of canned chicken broth. No cilantro, didn't have any. Skipped toasting tortillas for the top. Just chopped and threw them in the crockpot the last hour. When I was eating it I was thinking this is good but after each bite there was something that was sticking out that I didn't really care for. Can't figure out what that was because I like everything in the soup. I added some shredded cheese, sour cream, and sirracha and didn't taste it anymore. My husband told me twice how much he liked it and said it was one of the top 5 soups I have ever made.

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seal angel January 25, 2014

We loved this recipe! It had just the right amount of spice (I used the salsa verde) and this chili was SO flavorful. As with "regular" chili, the leftovers were fantastic! In fact, they were so good that DH and I were left battling for the last bowl! Thank you, Susie! This is a KEEPER!

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AnnieLynne April 29, 2011

This made a nice chicken chili. I took your advice and used cannelini beans. I decreased the amount of beans and increased the amount of chicken. I used enchilada sauce and the flavor was quite mild so I added some additional anaheim chiles. Tastes great with a dollop of sour cream. Can't wait to eat teh leftovers tomorrow!

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cookiedog July 17, 2007

We are definitely chili lovers and this hit the spot for dinner last night! I halved the recipe because there are only two of us and I think I may have also scrimped on the chicken slightly because not all of it was thawed fully. Nevertheless, this was great! I also chopped the tortillas, into about 1/8"-1/4" pieces. I was a little concerned that they were too big but they dissolved enough to thicken the chili properly, so that's all that matters. I also left out the cilantro at the end as I am one of those people who hate cilantro. I used the salsa, slightly concerned about the cilantro content, but I couldn't taste it in the brand I used. This is definitely going in the rotation! Thanks so much for this awesome recipe!

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ksduffster February 06, 2007
Lean Green Chicken Chili