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Wow! This soup is really great! Here is how I put it together. I boiled 4 chicken breast in the chicken broth-using extra broth as I knew some would boil off. Strained the chicken, cut it up and placed it into the crockpot along with the broth, carrots, celery, and onion-no peas for me! I had one can of cream of mushroom and one can of cream of celery. That's what I used. In my experience the type of cream soup has not mattered all that much. After cooking in the crockpot for 3 hours 15 minutes I added the uncooked egg noodles for 45 minutes. Excellent!

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cgmonster March 27, 2011

I never even considered adding cream of mushroom soup to chicken noodle, but it's great! I made a couple slight alterations: I added a couple cloves of minced garlic to the veggies, sprinkled in a little poultry seasoning, and left out the peas. The first time I made this was the day after Thanksgiving using leftover turkey instead of chicken. Simple and delicious!

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Pickles McGee March 30, 2010

Delicious! I did make some changes, one of which was to make this stovetop. I used 3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts that I diced and sauted in butter with the diced carrots. Left out the onion and celery so I seasoned the chicken with onion powder. Also seasoned chicken with poultry seasoning, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Added the chicken broth, covered the pot and simmered the chicken for about 15 minutes. Then I threw in the uncooked egg noodles and the peas and simmered covered for another 15 minutes. Then I stirred in 2 cans of cream of chicken soup and left out the herbes and heated the soup until it was steaming hot. Everyone raved about how delicious this was and it was also easy so we will have this soup often!

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Sooz Cooks January 18, 2011

I'm so proud to be adding the 100th review to this recipe! It was a huge success, although I cooked this on the stovetop, rather than in the slow cooker. I used all the ingredients as directed, except I had to add some butter to saute the vegetables in, before adding the chicken. This smelled absolutely wonderful while it was cooking. I saw some complaints about the color, but the roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup is a darker color (and not that pasty stuff) so it was appetizing to look at as well. Thanks for sharing!

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JackieOhNo! April 14, 2014

I halved the recipe and this turned out delicious! I made exactly as posted, and found I didn't need any salt, just added a bit of pepper. I really enjoyed this soup, and its so easy to make I'm sure I'll do this often during the cool weather (I never really have "cold" weather). Thanks so much for sharing...l don't know how I've missed this gem as long as I've been on the website. Thanks for offering on PRMR.

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breezermom October 28, 2013

If you like cooking whole chickens in the slow cooker, you NEED this recipe! We cooked a whole chicken with carrots and onions yesterday, and it produced the perfect leftovers for this soup. We strained the chicken stock, added about a cup of water, along with two cans of cream of chicken (didn't have any cream of mushroom on hand), leftover carrots, minced garlic, and herbs. We didn't add the noodles to keep the carbs down. It cooked overnight, and my daughter and I are now enjoying it for lunch... she just asked for seconds!

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awassenmiller January 20, 2011

How delicious is this soup? My changes were I replaced celery with sweet corn (as my DH hates celery) and I replaced the egg noodles with fettuccine which I had snapped in half. I increased the herbs to 1tsp each but didnt have chervil so that was ommitted also. My DH has requested this stay on the menu, which is clearly a thumbs up as he is not a big soup lover!

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ozzygirl April 18, 2010

Very satisfying, great homey taste. I love the flavor the herbs infuse into this delicious soup. I am a long-time fan of crockpot cooking and this is a recipe I will use many times in the future. Thanks for posting.

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ratherbeswimmin' August 27, 2008

Yumm! We were at a condo on the Oregon Coast and I wanted to make something warming as at home, it was 100 degrees and we hadn't had any soups or stews for a long time. I added 1.5 cups of half and half with 2 tbs of flour cooked into it right at the end because we wanted a really creamy soup. I also used linguini noodles and the next day the leftovers had magically transformed into chicken and noodles and it was even better! I am saving this recipe and can't wait to have it again in the fall.

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GoodGrubCook August 02, 2013

A great pot of soup! I only used one can of cream soup, and I liked it. Bonus point for how tweakable this recipe is, although it tastes delicious & comforting as is.

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rpgaymer July 21, 2013
Lazy Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup