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Yummy!!!! This was very tasty!! I made it in the oven instead and cooked it on low heat for three hours (my crockpot is on the fritz!) Next time I will add a few onions and sprinkle it with a bit of paprika for garnish! Served it with plain white rice and baby carrots - yummy!!! (I think I may also try this with cream of chicken soup - it should work out fine) Thanks for the great recipe!!

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Graybert March 16, 2002

Enjoyed how easy it was to throw this together! I put in a minced clove of fresh garlic. (I forgot to put in an onion...) Great smell throughout the kitchen, and the meat was soooo tender! (I cooked on low for 8 hrs.) I agree, this would prob. be good with cream of chicken soup. I like a thicker sauce, so will prob. add more flour next time. My hubby requested white rice on the side. Thanks for posting the recipe! :-) (Easy for a newbie like me!)

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Molly D. January 31, 2010

I felt so guilty eating this! I've been dieting for months and even though I saw what I put in it tasted too good to be true. I did substitute the "Healty Request" Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup and Whole Grain Oat flour so maybe that helped in the calorie department, because my husband and I ate about 8 oz. each!

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p.winkel February 10, 2007

This sounds so good. However, diabetics are not supposed to eat "Mashed Potatoes" so you might want to elimate the diabetic part in your discription. You could give a new diabetic the wrong idea.

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Jadestonediabetic July 08, 2005

Very yummy! I added an onion as a previous reviewer suggested. About 1/2 hour after I got everything in the crockpot, I realized I forgot to add the flour! I sifted the flour over everything, stirred it in, then hoped for the best. The sauce worked out fine. I was worried about the amount of flour, but it was just right. My chicken was mostly frozen, so I cut each breast into 3 pieces. After 7 hours of cooking on low, the chicken was cooked, but not dry. I also stirred in about 1/3 lb. cream cheese at the end, for a bit of richness. Delicious, forgiving, and easy. Served this with buttered egg noodles and broccoli.

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Boxerwing February 19, 2005
Lazy Chicken