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This recipe was delicious. I left out the chopped lettuce and just added another bag of baby spinach, that way I didn't have to cut the spinach up. I also left out the peas and added mushrooms instead. I put a little tobassco in the dressing to kick it up. Everything soaked up the dressing and it was delicious. Only 3 stars cause I had to doctor it up myself.

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Melissa Green May 16, 2002

What a nice switch from the usual layered lettuce salads. I enjoyed this very much. I did make a few changes only to suit what I had available. I went with all spinach and added mushrooms, as I had some that needed to be used up. I clearly had too much spinach in the bottom, because by time I finished adding the other ingredients, there wasn't any more room in the bowl. :) There was no mention of the sugar, salt and pepper in the directions, but I presumed it was to be mixed in with the salad dressing. I also added freeze dried red onions in there too so that they would soften up. I didn't have fresh. To make the dressing a little easier to spread, I added a couple of tbsp of cider vinegar. I don't think the changes I made affected the original recipe at all, and I'll certainly be making this often.

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Diana #2 February 09, 2010
Layered Spinach Salad