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This cake was one of those that i did everything to mess it up and it still turned out great!I mistakenly copied out 1 cup of butter for the filling instead of half cup, and it was not looking great. So i had resigned myself to thinking that this would be one of those cakes that sound great but didn't work out so great. I took a bite expecting the worst from the filling but i was very pleasantly surprised by the way everything just worked soo well together. The cake is absolutely delicious and i know the next time i make it with the RIGHT amount of butter, its going to be a crowd pleaser!

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Niki Z September 05, 2007

This is an amazing cake Petdrwife. A rich, moist, dense chocolate cake with a delicious irish cream filling topped with a very sweet chocolate frosting. This cake is well worth all the extra effort. My family & I loved this cake... thank you so much for sharing....Kudos

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Baby Kato October 09, 2005
Layered Irish Cream Cake