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I picked this for the Alphabet Soup game, and made it that night. These were excellent! The crust is nice and delicate, and the citrus-chocolate flavor is a great combination. They were surprisingly simple to make for such a sophisticated cookie (I didn't even need my mixer, I did it all by hand). Since I'm mildly compulsive about futzing around with just about any recipe I use, I made a couple of minor changes; firstly, I had to use semisweet chips (no milk choc. chips in the house), and secondly, I added a sprinkle of cinnamon to the citrus layer (I like cinnamon with chocolate and love it with orange, so I though that it had to be good with both - it was!). The texture is what makes this, though; they really do "practically melt in your mouth". So decadent!

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Muffin Goddess June 09, 2003

These were alright. The combination of the orange and chocolate was tasty. They didn't really melt in your mouth and they turn out how I expected. It is a nice change from a typical bar cookie, though and we enjoyed them. The chocolate didn't melt right away so I had to heat it a little more. I would suggest using semi-sweet chocolate and maybe adding cocoa powder somewhere.

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applee June 13, 2005

These squares really do melt in your mouth. They look like they could be some work but very simple to make. Thanks for a great recipe Rainberry Blues ; )

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RecipeNut April 13, 2004
Layered Citrus Chocolate Squares