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Wonderful desert.Will be fixing it in a trifle bowl for Easter Sunday

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Brenda 1940 March 25, 2005

Well after some initial problems with a typo in the recipe making me question how much jello to use, I must say this recipe still earns 5 stars from me! The only thing I found was you have to spread the cream cheese/cool whip layer with care & take your time or some of the cake pieces tend to come up out of the pan. This is super easy with the storebought cake and tastes and looks great. Like a big strawberry shortcake really, yet somewhat easier to serve and take along somewhere. I took it to my M & FIL's for dessert for Easter Dinner and it was enjoyed by all! I served each serving with additional Cool Whip from the spray can on top. It was a nice light ending to our big meal. Oh, and the typo has since been CORRECTED, so this recipe is good to go now! Thanks, sbsbea...all's well, that end's well! :)

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Rhonda *J* April 20, 2004
Layered Angel Food and Strawberry Dessert