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Wow! I've never had so much fun with one bar of soap! I also adapted this recipe & made grapefruit soap, by ommiting the lavender flowers & substituting grapefruit oil & yellow food clouring.

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*Marli* July 19, 2003

I also made grapefruit soap by omitting the lavender flowers and using grapefruit essential oil instead of lavender essential oil. I used 2 drops of pink food colouring for my soap to get pink scented soap sticks. In step 2, I did not use any oil at all(other than the essential oil). Also, I didn't feel it necessary to put the soap mixture in cardboard tubes in order to get sticks. After step 2, I directly proceeded to make sticks by shaping the soap into sticks with my fingers. I did not have any difficulty at all and my time was saved as well! I got about 6 soap sticks with 1 bar of soap. I've kept these soap sticks to air dry and I'll use them once they are ready to use and update this review, perhaps!

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Charishma_Ramchandani August 12, 2003
Lavender scented soap sticks