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I made this last night at the request of a friend who purchased lavender just for this recipe. She gave me 1/3c of lavender flowers and after reading some of the reviews with regard to lemon juice, I decided to use all of the lemon juice listed and use 1/3c of the lavender. The flavor is excellent and amazing and it set up perfectly. I've never had anything like this before. I felt very sophisticated and elegant this morning eating this jelly on my English muffin. I think this jelly would be wonderful on lemon grilled chicken, lemon scones, or even raspberry sorbert. I used 4 drops of purple food coloring and the color is like a blush wine color--very pretty. I am so glad to have tried this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing; I am planning on growing my own lavender this summer just for this recipe!

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Saeriu March 18, 2009

This jelly is delicious and unique. I like to make jam and jelly for gifts, and I like this because it's different. Next time I will cut down on the lemon juice a bit, it's such a delicate flavor the lemon overpowers it a little bit. And definately use fresh lemon juice, if it's bottled you can really tell.

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missylovescake August 03, 2008

I have made fifteen total, yep thats right fifteen jams and jellies this year including this one. I have yet to taste it on anything but I wanted to post this now. I did taste a bit on my de foaming spoon and I thought the taste to be light and delicate It smells wonderful while you are steeping it. I had no trouble with the recipe mine set up thick, the only thing that was a bummer is the color; it would be nice if it were a beautiful color of Lavender. However, after steeping the lavender and chamomile tea you are left with a purplish brown. I used red and blue Wilton coloring paste and found the color ending up purple/black color. I got 6-4oz jars and would defiantly make this again. I combined the jelly with Lavender shortbread #100640, Lavender sugar #71901, Lavender fudge #172465, a print out of the recipes and some chamomile tea for a special birthday gift last month. Thank you so much for posting this jelly.

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LB in Middle Georgia December 19, 2006

I just read this recipe and was wondering if you could replace the 4 cups of sugar with 4 cups of Splenda as I'm diabetic and not supposed to have the sugar. I am very anxious to try this jelly. Sounds great!

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Ms. Chef July 29, 2006

This is a delicious, beautiful jelly. I used Wilton violet coloring paste and a few drops of red liquid coloring to get the right hue. The flavor is incredible - I think the chamomile really blends well with the lavender. This set very soft for me, but firmed up once refrigerated. I got 3 half pint size jars out of this recipe. NOTE: I have contacted the recipe poster regarding the missing lemon juice directions - I added it with the sugar and it came out fine.

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HeatherFeather October 18, 2004
Lavender Jelly With Chamomile