Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

Chocolate is soothing then you add lavender and you're in Heaven.

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  1. Grind finely in a clean coffee grinder.
  2. Melt everything together in a double boiler. Add 3 tablespoons butter. Stir until smooth and melted.
  3. Pour into a pan lined with wax paper (approximately 9" x 9"). Cover with Saran Wrap. Chill overnight.
  4. Cut into 1" squares. Wrap like "sweets" in twists of wax paper.
  5. Sprinkle fresh Lavender on top layer to decorate!
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Something this delicious should not be so easy!! I don't have a double boiler so melted it in a wide copper-bottom pot. Can't find my coffee bean grinder (??!) so chopped the lavender in my blender. Easy, easy, easy! And incredibly delicious, especially with a nice fresh cuppa...

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This is a real delicacy! I didn't want to add any sugar to this in order to taste the bitterness of the chocolate, and since I didn't have any condensed milk, I used Copycat Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk and omitted the sugar and vanilla. I also chopped the lavender in my blender. I don't recommend using a stick blender to get the fudge really smooth... mine blew up in the process!!!

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Freaking amazing! Fudge and lavender are both so relaxing...combine the two in this EASY recipe and you can take a break from all of your troubles. I doubled the lavender (because I really wanted to taste it...and I did).