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This looks WONDERFUL Annacia! I have saved this for next time I make roast chicken! As you know, I love any recipe that has herbs and especially lavender in it.......so, this is on the menu soon! Merci! FT. P.S: Stars to follow........but it looks 5 star to me!! 28th September 2008: I have finally made this!This was SUBLIME Annacia! I have a lovage and lavender chicken recipe which is similar, but this had a GORGEOUS marinade which gets basted over the chicken as it cooks! I served this decorated with a fresh bunch of herbs and lavender, and the glaze from all the honey was wonderful. Taste - WOW! This was tender and NOT too dry - again due to the marinade. I am thrilled that you thought of me when you found this recipe and posted it - It has become a keeper for me, and I will always think of you when I cook this. Oh yes, I served this with gently steamed seasonal vegetables and baby potatoes - the marinade that was in the tin, I skimmed the fat off and added a good slug of wine, heated it through and served it as a gravy. Merci! FT :-)

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French Tart September 28, 2008

My family wanted to try a recipe with lavender. It smelled great, burned some, tasted OK. It didn't have that, "OMG, I must make this again," flavor. It was good, it didn't knock my socks off.

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Anne J. January 04, 2014

This was a real hit! The basting sauce is a really nice blend of flavors. I added some baby carrots to the roasting pan and basted them also, which turned out great. I wasn't sure if the amounts given for the herbs were for fresh or dried, and I was using dried, so cut the amounts in half (except for the lavender). Looking forward to making this later in the season when I have fresh herbs. Thanks for a great Easter dinner, Annacia!

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Outta Here April 24, 2011

I really loved this. Although I do have to say I made a lot of changes out of necessity. I didn't have a whole chicken only chicken tenderloin pieces that were obviously already skinned and deboned. Also, I had to run out while it was cooking so I couldn't do the basting. So to compensate I took my tenderloins and dipped them in the mixture before putting them in a baking dish. I baked for 30 mins and then poured the rest of the sauce over the top and allowed it to cook for another 15 minutes. I really loved the smell and the flavor. My BF who isn't a big sweet fan said that it wasn't his favorite, but that is just his tastes. I would love to try this again as you have it written. Thanks Annacia!

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KellyMac6 October 19, 2009

i took off one star b/c i HATE basting every 5 minutes. that's a real drag. the house smelled incredible and the skin tasted incredible too. however, the rest of the meat (which really is the part i should be eating, not the skin, ha ha) doesn't taste like anything special, although it does stay moist. also, i couldn't really taste the lavender. i would also add, place a layer of foil in the pan underneath the roasting rack for easier cleanup. also, the burning juices will make your oven smoke and come out in a cloud everytime you open the door while you're basting, so unplug your smoke detector.

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jimnyo October 05, 2009

I have never used lavender for cooking but thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad I did! We loved this. It's different and really yummy. Thanks, Annacia. Made for PAC fall 2009.

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Realtor by day, Chef by night September 20, 2009

I don't usually use chicken breasts with bone & skin left on, but in this case that's exactly what I did, using 4 large chicken breast halves! Made for an OUTSTANDING CHICKEN DINNER ~ GREAT TASTING WITH A WONDERFUL AROMA! It couldn't have been better! This time is was just for the 2 of us, but another time, it'll be a dinner for special company! Thanks for posting the recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe}

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Sydney Mike November 29, 2008
Lavender and Honey Roasted Chicken