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DeSouter,your Laundry Stain-be-gone has saved me $200.00 or more! I will try to keep this as short as possible.Took the stains out of drapes which are in a park model trailer.I tried OxI clean,on one to see if it would take the stains out.Didn't work.Thought we were going have to replace all of them. If anyone wants to get stains out,try this stain remover.It's great!!Thank you so much for posting this recipe.I will forever be grateful.My hubby too.:0)

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Chef 920429 March 24, 2005

Shame on me I have been using this recipe for a few months and never rated it. This got out melted chapstic on several different types of fabric on stains that had been treated & retreated twice. Awesome.

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Momto3 November 22, 2009

Due to some surgery and subsequent skin "problems" I had some white clothing that had immovable stains. I tried this recipe and let them soak overnight. ALL of the old blood stains are gone and most of the stains from medications and salves. I'm sure that with another soak or two they too will be gone. In any case, it removed all greyness and the whites are white once again. I'm passing this recipe, it's ingredients, and a large bucket on as a baby shower gift to my daughter; the mother of a nine year old boy and a newborn. Lots of stains to be eradicated there! Thanks for such a useful tool, DeSouter!

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Vina February 04, 2007

I have used a recipe very similiar to this for years with great results. Only I use 1 cup each of powdered Clorax 2 and powdered Cascade Dishwashing Detergent, mixed with 2 gallons of very hot water. I put this "stain buster formula" in a 5 gallon bucket kept in the laundry room and throw in stained clothes as I find them. When the bucket is full I dump it all in the washing machine and fill with hot water, I then allow it all to soak overnight. The next day even the toughest stains four children can dish out are gone for good. Very rarely fails.

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Charles&Susan July 23, 2006

This works! I have a top that I spilled red wine on. Well I tried everything to get the spots out and nothing was working so I threw the top in the trash. A couple of days later I happened across this recipe and thought "what do I have to lose". I literally dug the top out of the trash, bought the ingredients and put it to soak for about an hour. Unbelievable....the stains were gone!!! Now, the top is back in my drawer and ready to wear again. I will try this next on a couple of vintage lace tablecloths that I haven't been able to use because of very old stains on them. Thanks for a great recipe (and for saving one of my favorite tops from the trash).

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Love2Experiment March 09, 2006

Saw this and thought it was worth a shot since I could always use the ingredinets elsewhere. What a great surprise! I've used this several times as a presoak before machine washing. On a handmedown Gap shirt, it got out two year old set in stains that Shout, Spray and Wash and OxyClean didn't touch. Also better than all of the above, including straight bleach, on my son's white baseball pants. On a blue striped shirt, the water did become a bit discolored, but the garment was not evidently faded. I would test on a small area on a brightly colored item or limit the soaking time when in doubt. Thanks, DeSouter, looks like I'll be using this one often!

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LonghornMama May 04, 2005

I would give this 100 stars if possible. My 21 yr.old came back from Spring break in FLA with his two favorite white shirts covered with some kind of green stain. Apparently, it was a combination of suntan lotion, sweat, food, beverages, etc. I've been doing laundry for years, but I've never seen clothing so badly stained. I tried, dry Tide with bleach, Clorox liquid, cold, warm, hot, water, Spray & Wash, Gonzo & Zout stain removers. Nothing worked, and I finally gave up. They were on top of the trash barrel when I found this "recipe", and decided to give it one last try, even though my husband thought I was crazy. The stains were completely removed from both shirts, and they look like new. Several things, it took a lot of searching to find the two miracle ingreds. I finally found them at Walmart. In addition, this did not work when I put both shirts into the basin with the suds. Each garment had to be soaked separately, and then like magic...stains completely gone, shirts like new!!! DeSouter, many, many thanks~

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Ruby #2 March 28, 2005

I used this today on my Great Great Grandmothers hand crocheted tablecloth. It had stains on it that were oh, around 50 or 60 years set in, so to speak. I'm pretty sure one was red wine and I know one was gravy-that was a big brown one too. I say "had" and "was" because they are gone. There are still 2 stains that were almost black and about the size of a quarter-they are so faded now that I'm pretty sure the casual looker would not see them. I have no doubt the next time I need to clean this family treasure they will disapear too! I would like to add that I had taken this to the dry cleaners a few years back. He would not clean it but said he could send it out for a cool $150.00 because it needed to be cleaned by hand. He was right about cleaning it by hand, however the cost was about 75 cents! THANK YOU!<br/>Edit to add-I also cleaned 70 napkins my GG Grandmother made and they came out beautifully. Between the Table cloth and the Napkins I saved well over $500 in cleaning/shipping bills. The photo I have added is the table cloth that had black stains and was very, very yellow and gravy stained too.

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Dib's January 17, 2014

This is better than oxy clean and doesn't leach die out of our clothes!

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Marianneee August 14, 2010
Laundry Stain-be-gone (safe for Vintage and Fine Fabrics)