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I just took my first load off of the line, this washing powder is amazing.... it has removed stains from my daughters clothes that even the best stain remover and washing powder from the supermarket couldnt shift... just take a tiny bit from the tablespoon you would use in your wash and rub it into the stain adding a couple of drops of water so its a paste..... leave for 10 minutes then wash as usual... amazing, bye bye spaghetti stains :)... the rest of the wash came out bright and clean and while not highly perfumed like commercial products, it did smell clean , thankyou jellyqueen, this will become my washing powder of choice from now on

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kyrandia June 08, 2007

Excellent and inexpensive. The acid test was my black clothing (I have a lot of it) which came out black black. Sometimes detergents cause it to look greyish. Not so with this recipe! I added lavender oil to the mix as I processed the powdered Fels Naptha with the other ingredients. I used my food processor with the cheese shredding device to chip the soap, then switched to the chopping blade to really pulverize it and mix it with the washing powder and the Borax. I have bought lots of washing powder and Borax for their other many uses. You really can economize and help the environment here at the same time. The natural brand detergents in the store discourage bargain seekers from doing the right thing. You will be happy you make this soap when you don't have to lug great bottles of Tide in from the car when it is icy and snowing. This also means less to have to recycle. The recipe is the BEST!

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Tampa Red September 03, 2004

This detergent works great! I used Fels Naptha Soap, which is a laundry bar soap (sold near the pre-made detergents), and it smelt wonderful! One bar of Fels Naptha Soap will make two batches of detergent. I used my Pampered Chef Cheese Grater to grate the soap and I mixed it up in about 5 minutes! It was so easy to make and my clothes look and smell wonderful!

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Kim D. June 14, 2004

All of the ingredients for this recipe were available at our local Wal-Mart, so not difficult to find (though I was unfamiliar with some of them before). This recipe takes almost all the work out of making your own laundry detergent. It does feel like a very small amount to use per load, but everything seems to come out clean and fresh. I also figured out that with prices here, and if you buy enough to use all the materials (i.e. enough Fel-Naptha to use with all the borax and soda), it comes to about 3 cents/ load. Sounds like money in the bank to me! Love it!

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LynneBethany August 11, 2011

I have been using this recipe for about a year and just love it. To be extra frugal I use my soap slivers from the shower. I place a bag on the side of the tub and by the time I make more detergent I have quite a bit. I use equal parts soap, borax and washing soda.

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Tendersprout May 26, 2010

I just started using this as well, here are some helpful tips: You can use Ivory soap and if you cannot find washing soda you can use Oxyclean in equal amounts. It cleans my clothes very well and leaves them soft so you don't need to use fabric softener. I do use 1/2 cup vinegar in a downy ball to help rinse out any residual soap in the clothes.

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rokmelon March 19, 2009

I didn't realize this recipe for laundry detergent was on Zaar. I've made this recipe for nearly five year after having found it on a frugal website. Processing the soap into powder is integral for the soap to dissolve, especially if using Fels Naptha, which btw, is an old fashioned laundry soap that has already proven itself for more years than I am old. Anyhoo, people think me crazy for making my own laundy soap, but I'm crazy alright...like a fox carrying my savings all the way to the bank!

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gailanng December 26, 2008

I too have been making a liquid soap for my wash. This seems much easier! And less time consuming! As for washing soda, search it out it will make all the difference in how clean your clothes get. I have to travel to a grocery store 30 min away to get it, my local ones don't carry it. So I buy 2 or 3 boxes! Also search for the Fels Naptha soap it is awesome and smells great!

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Sully7 January 15, 2004

If you are allergic to soaps like I am, skip the Fels Naptha.

I have been using the following mixture for more than 30 yrs. Mix 1:1 ratio of Arm & Hammer and Borax into a coffee can. Do not inhale the Borax - as it will cause severe reaction. Use one full cup per large load.

Use one full cup white vinegar in the rinse water.

Vinegar is not only a deodorant, but if you need to set colours - it's what you use.

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yr2012 July 25, 2012

I am about half way through my first batch that I made several weeks ago. I didn't tell anybody in my family that I was making my own detergent and I never received any complaints/inquires so that is a success in my book. I used Fels Naptha (1/3 bar) and grated it with the cheese grater then gave everything a whirl in the blender.

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invictus October 12, 2009
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